12 Tips For Creating Easy And Fun Indoor Play-Set For Your Kids

Your house may quickly get chaotic and messy if your kids do not have a designated play area. We have an easy solution and here are 12 essential tips for creating an indoor playground for your little ones.

Every parent knows pretty well how difficult it can be to have the kids play in the same space they share with them. You don’t want to imagine how chaotic and messy your house can be. But that doesn’t have to be a problem if you find some amazing tips and use your best creativity to make the most awesome indoor playset for your kids.

Creating an indoor playset for kids involves simple activities such as buying some toys, clearing the room, ensuring safety, among others. All you have to do is use your imagination and creativity to ensure your kids have a good time playing indoors.

If you want to find out how to do it, keep reading as we’ll show you awesome ways to create a very fun place for your little ones.

1. Get Rid of All the Clutter

The first rule is to get rid of all the clutter you have around your home. If there’s a lot of stuff lying around. Kids will never feel comfortable in a cluttered room, and they probably won’t ever want to play indoors again. Each item has a special place so remember where things go as soon as you’re done with them. It takes time, but it’s definitely worth it.

2. Attach a Hammock to the Stairs

If you don’t want your kids to play with all their toys inside your living room or bedroom, why not try something different? Specifically, if you have stairs in your home, you can design an awesome hammock for them to use whenever they want. It’s a perfect place to play and read their favorite books as well. You can also take this creativity to a different level by attaching the hammock to the bed.

3. Create a Small Fort in Your Kids’ Room

Another great idea is to transform your kids’ room into an awesome fort. All you need is some wood beams, plywood and paint with lots of colors for them to choose from. You can even attach a secret door to it or a small opening for them to slide into. It’s a fun place where they can play with toys, read their favorite books and sleep as well.

4. Create an Indoor Play Area on the Stairs

If you have stairs in your home, why not transform that area into a great play area? Hang some swings on the stairs, and your kids will love it. Furthermore, if you attach wall hooks on the side of the stairs where your children can hang their coats or backpacks, they’ll keep everything organized as well.

As kids adore swinging, consider hanging some swings on the stairs.

5. Ensure Safety in the Play Area

It’s important to let the kids enjoy their time and play freely, but you also need to ensure safety in some areas. So if your kids want to swing on a large hammock, make sure it’s attached properly so they won’t fall and get hurt. Furthermore, prioritize soft and sturdy foam flooring that can absorb all the shock to make the environment less harmful.

Other safety measures you can incorporate in your kid’s play area are:

  • Covering all the cords and wires in the room with a plastic sleeve
  • Installing a safety gate around the stairs and ensuring that it’s locked properly when your kids play in the room
  • Covering sharp edges with padding or safety covers 

6. Decorate the Kids’ Play Area with Colorful Clothespins

Decorating your kids’ play area is super fun, especially if you do it in interesting ways. For example, buy some colorful clothespins and attach them to the wall to create cute little flags for each of your children. However, you can come up with something different and create shapes and figures using clothespins as well.

The idea is to ensure that the play area is as inviting as possible so they won’t have a hard time choosing this one over the rest of the rooms in your home.

Using colorful clothespins to decorate your kids’ play room will make the area more welcoming.

7. Fill the Room with Toys and Equipment

It’s important to organize everything you use daily. So if your kids’ room is very tiny, transform one of the walls into a huge shelf where you can arrange all their toys and equipment. This way, each time they want to play with something specific or need an item for their project, it will be easy to find.

8. Enhance the Room with Bright Colors or Stripes

If your kids’ room doesn’t have so much space to work with, you should take advantage of the little area you have. So paint the walls with bright colors or stripes and make sure there’s ample space for your kids to play around. You can also use the wall space to create some fun drawings or write their favorite quotes if they want.

Understand that kids love bright colors, and you can never go wrong with colors like red, pink, purple, blue, and yellow. These are colors that can get their attention very easily, so you should use them to your benefit. Also, don’t forget to include educational drawings, numbers, and alphabets.

Enhancing the play area with bright colors will promote your kids’ creativity.

9. Install Curtains or Blinds for Privacy

Some kids enjoy playing outside with their friends or siblings, but after they come home, they just want some peace of mind and privacy. So if you have a large window or door in their room, make sure to install some shades or blinds. It will be a great way to give your kids some time for themselves when they get home from school.

10. Turn Some Items into Fun Toys

If your kids’ room is already cramped with stuff, you need to find a way to make things less cluttered. So instead of storing all their toys, equipment, and other items in the closet, transform some of them into fun toys.

Turning some toys into fun toys will make the play area less cluttered and messy.

Some of the items you can turn into fun toys include:

  • Storage boxes
  • Suitcases and trunks
  • Rolling carts
  • Magazines and books
  • Blackets, sheets, and pullowcases

All you need to do is look at your kids’ stuff and find items that can be turned into fun toys for them to play with. It’s a simple trick that will reduce the stress on their room as well.

11. Cover the Cords and Wires with Tubing

Nothing can ruin a child’s fun more than getting hurt by a cord, or a wire that they don’t know is there. So you need to cover all of these cords and wires to make sure your kids are safe from harm when playing around in their room. Furthermore, you can also organize all of these cords to make sure they’re not in the way.

You need to use an easy method to cover these items. This is where PVC tubing comes into play because you can cut it up easily with a utility knife and customize it any way you like. Afterwards, insert the cord or wire inside the tubing and wrap the tube up with some tape.

12. Avoid Closing the Door

Closing the door to your child’s room is a bad idea because it will only give them less space. Furthermore, they won’t have as much fun playing around without so many toys at their disposal. This is why you need to keep the door open whenever you can because it will give your kids access to all their stuff. This will also ensure you can easily supervise your kids while they’re playing in their room.


Are indoor playsets safe for kids?

You should only purchase indoor play sets that are completely safe for your kids. This is why you need to research various manufacturers and suppliers out there to find the best products in terms of safety. These are the kinds of indoor playsets that will guarantee your child’s complete safety when they’re playing around inside their room.

What kind of playsets can you add to your kid’s room?

You can add all kinds of playsets to your kid’s room, including outdoor playsets, jungle gyms and climbing sets. You can even create a ball pit or wooden deck with swings in their room if they want it. 

How do I keep my child’s room clean?

Keeping your kid’s room clean can be difficult at times, especially if they have a lot of toys lying around. However, you can make this job a lot easier by following some simple steps. For example, you need to place all their toys in one area before tidying them up. This will give them space to play around with their stuff while keeping the room clean at the same time.

What are some popular indoor children’s activities?

Some of the most popular indoor children’s activities include playing in a ball pit, having fun with playhouses and building blocks, as well as sliding down a slide. There are so many different types of indoor playsets you can easily install in a child’s room to ensure they have plenty of fun all the time.


Allowing your kids to do activities that they enjoy most is one of the best things you can do for them. But if they want to play inside, make sure you follow these tips so they can have fun and stay protected at the same time.

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