13 Best Ninja Warrior Playground Equipment for Your Backyard

Get your kids off the couch, and turn your backyard into a workout zone with these activities! A Ninja Warrior playground is a fun way to stay active, get closer to nature and encourage healthy habits in your children. Here are 13 of the best ninja warrior playground equipment

Are you looking for ways to make your backyard more fun and exciting? Making your backyard the ultimate destination for family fun and fitness can be an uphill task, especially if you don’t have much experience with outdoor equipment or sports.

That’s where ninja warrior equipment comes to the rescue. Ninja warrior equipment is not only great for your backyard, but it is also perfect for the park, playground, or even your own gym. The best ninja warrior playground equipment includes a swing set, rocks and ropes, obstacle mounting, and climbing walls, among others.

In this guide, you’ll find the perfect setup for your needs and get started on your own ninja warrior course in your backyard.

1. Swing Set

A swing set is a must-have for any backyard, and it is also great for a ninja warrior course. You can use the swing set to build upper body strength and practice your swings. The swing set will also give you a place to hang other ninja warrior equipment like a rope or a bar.

2. Consider a Rope and a Slackline

A slackline is a great way to improve your balance and coordination. It is also a lot of fun to walk on. You can use the slackline to practice your ninja warrior skills or have some fun.

A kid balancing on the slackline.
You can also use the rope to create an obstacle course in your backyard.

A rope is also a great piece of equipment for a ninja warrior course. You can use it to swing from one platform to another or climb up and down a wall. You can also use the rope to create an obstacle course in your backyard.

3. Outfit Ninja Mini

This backyard ninja equipment is perfect for those who want to practice their ninja warrior skills. The outfit includes a mask, gloves, and a belt. You can use the outfit to practice your stealth skills or just for fun. It incorporates all the essential ninja obstacles to keep the whole family occupied for many years to come.

4. Outfit Ninja and Devil Bridge

This is a more advanced piece of ninja equipment that includes a bridge and two platforms. The bridge is made of rope, and the platforms are made of wood. This set is perfect for those who want to practice their ninja skills.  This backyard ninja course packs in 10 plus obstacles in two lanes of endless possibilities.

A child on an adventure park.
This ninja warrior equipment is ideal for beginners and advanced ninja kids and adults.

With over 50 linear feet of unique ninja obstacles like a salmon ladder, devil steps, ring toss, and monkey or lache bars, this ninja warrior equipment is ideal for beginners and advanced ninja kids and adults.

5. Outfit Ninja Extreme and Rockwall

If you have more space in your home to accommodate the 12-inch times 30-inch footprint, consider the outfit ninja extreme plus Rockwall. This backyard obstacle course is very similar to the one used on American Ninja Warrior. It has a 12-foot rock wall for those who want to practice their rock climbing skills.

This backyard ninja warrior equipment has endless obstacle possibilities and premium add-ons like Rockwall with transition bars and devil steps with a climbing rope.

6. Outfit Hybrid Ninja Warrior

The outfit ninja warrior is an excellent choice for those who want to have an all-in-one backyard obstacle course. This backyard ninja warrior is a combination of lache and devil’s step units at a more affordable price point. It packs in ten plus awesome obstacles and has endless possibilities.

It also offers unique ninja obstacles like a salmon ladder, ring toss, pegboard, and monkey and lache bars. You can substitute the devil steps on the inclined monkey bar section. This backyard ninja warrior is ideal for both beginner and advanced kids and adults so that everyone can have a blast.

7. Ooutfit Lache Stater Rig

If you’re on a budget and looking for a quality backyard ninja warrior, the Outfit Lache Stater Rig is perfect for you. This backyard ninja warrior course includes essential obstacles, like a salmon ladder, ring toss, and monkey bars. It’s also easy to assemble with powder-coated steel construction, making it rust and weather resistant.

A boy transferring.
This backyard ninja warrior course includes essential obstacles, like a salmon ladder, ring toss, and monkey bars.

This backyard ninja warrior’s features include eight doorknobs that hold with two rings for ring toss, 12 feet cliff hangers, 12 feet rock holds, and four hanging rings.

8. Consider Linear Net Play

The Linear NetPlay is an excellent backyard ninja warrior course for those looking for a bit more challenge. This course includes standard obstacles and a few extras, like a cargo net and monkey bars. It’s also made with quality materials, like powder-coated steel construction and weather-resistant fabric.

It encourages kids to reach the top as it doesn’t only work on the playground. It also helps kids psychologically in real life. It promotes accomplishments in groups and exhilaration in achieving mutual goals. The netplay will also help your children work together to get to the top of the mast net, climb through wavy structures or defend a fortress of challenging nets. This encourages your kids to build proper communication skills.

Linear netplay is also designed to stimulate kids to climb while moving forward. It’s fully customizable and will suit any playground area in your backyard. This backyard ninja warrior is not only perfect to link, but it challenges and gives full training to children.

9. Ropes and Rocks Obstacle Courses

Ropes and rocks obstacle courses are perfect for those looking to take their backyard game to the next level. It is made with high-quality materials, safe for kids, and will give you endless possibilities. You can use it as a stand-alone course or link it with other products to create an even bigger challenge.

This is the perfect backyard addition for those who want to take their training to the next level. It is also ideal for those who want to challenge themselves and have some fun. Either way, you are sure to love this product.

10. Consider Surfacing and Mounding

When you are looking at your backyard and trying to decide where to put your course, you should consider a few things. The first is surfacing. You want to make sure that the surface you choose is smooth and level. This will help to prevent injuries and make the course more enjoyable.

A happy boy  hanging.
Take advantage of the safety surfacing as an additional obstacle play element.

The second thing you should consider is moundings. These are small hills that can be used to add some variety to the course. They can also be used to create obstacles. Moundings can be made from dirt, sand, or grass.

Once you have considered these two things, you are ready to start planning your course. Take advantage of the safety surfacing as an additional obstacle play element. Instead of using swings, turn to mounds, as these are the new swings, and you don’t need elevation changes to make a hill.

11. Bring in Slides in Your Backyard Ninja Warrior Course

You might think you don’t have room for a backyard ninja warrior course, but you can create one quite easily. All you need is a few pieces of equipment and some creativity.

One of the first things you need to do is choose a location. You will need to find a spot that is level and has good drainage. After that, build slides that you and your kids can both enjoy. You can use PVC pipes or other materials to create the slides.

12. Build Balance Beams and Climbing Frames

The next thing you need to do is create balance beams and climbing frames. These can be made out of wood or other materials. You will need to make sure that the frame is sturdy and will not tip over.

You can also use tires or barrels to create obstacles. Fill them with sand or water to make them more challenging. These will give your kids a place where they can practice their balance and coordination.

A vboy trying to climb on the rope.
Make sure to test the equipment before your kids use it.

Once you have the frame built, you can add the finishing touches. This includes adding a net or ropes to the frame. You can also add a slide or other feature that your kids will enjoy. Make sure to test the equipment before your kids use it. This will ensure that it is safe for them to play on.

13. Build a Ninja Warped Wall in Your Backyard

If you know how to build a ninja warped wall, you can add this fun and challenging element to your backyard. Your kids will love it, and they will be able to practice their skills in a safe and fun environment. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today.

Make sure the wall you’re building is sturdy enough to support the weight of kids climbing on it. You can use lumber or metal pipes to build the frame of the wall. Then, add plywood or other material to cover the frame. Make sure there are no sharp edges or anything that could hurt your child. Once you have the frame built, you can start adding the finish, and you’ll be done.

Related Questions

Are ninja warrior playground equipment safe?

Yes, they are safe as long as you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions. Make sure to check for any recalls before you buy anything.

Is it easy to build a backyard obstacle course?

Yes, you can easily build a backyard obstacle course with a little bit of planning and creativity. You can use things like hula hoops, tires, and cones to create an obstacle course. Just make sure that you have enough space and that the obstacles are safe.

Final Verdict

Having backyard ninja warrior equipment is indeed a great way to stay active and have some backyard fun. However, you need to be aware of the safety hazards involved. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions carefully. Also, check for any recalls before you buy anything. With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can easily build a backyard obstacle course that everyone will enjoy.

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