14 Fun and Challenging Playground DIY Projects For Kids

Sometimes your kids want more than fun, prompting you to take them to playgrounds with challenging activities. You can consider doing several playground DIY projects for kids to maximize enjoyment for a new environment.

Kids are adventurous and love playing fun games that keep them busy all through. However, there is some stage when your kids want more than fun, prompting you to take them to playgrounds with challenging activities. But you can stop going to the parks and malls, especially when you’re too busy, by doing playground DIY projects for kids.

Consider doing homemade waterfalls, mound slides, or hopscotch stepping stones playground DIY projects. These fun and challenging playground DIY projects will help keep the children busy while also giving them what they like without spending much money.

Read on and get an in-depth explanation of these best playground DIY projects for your kids, which you can make even on the smallest space available.

1.  Tire Climbing Tower

Kids love climbing things a reason you need to make them these tires climbing towers to keep them engaged through the day. This will be fun and challenging to climb as the tires need a lot of calculations to climb.

Your kids can climb the tires from inside or outside and sweat as they have fun. To make the tire climbing tower, you’ll require used tires, treated posts, lag screws, and washers. In addition, you need to ensure the tower is strong enough to enable the kids to play in a safe area.

2.  Mound Slide

Another fun and challenging playground DIY project for kids you can make in a slopy backyard is a mound slide. You can add some soil to this area to make it sloppier if your playground isn’t sloppy but don’t forget to include some steps.

Playing in the soil will be fun for some kids as they’ll enjoy sliding and bouncing back on it. But a challenge to those who love staying clean even while playing. Such kids will have to be careful with the soil to avoid getting dirty hands and clothes.  

3.  A Homemade Waterfall

You will also not go wrong by including a waterfall on your kids’ playground to keep them busy playing. You don’t need to spend much money doing this as you can use recyclable containers from your kitchen to make the waterfall. It will be fun when your children pour water through the tubes and funnel, then watch it follow different tubes until it reaches the last container on the ground.

But your kids need to be careful not to miss the funnel when pouring the water to avoid missing the tubes. This is a game your kids can play in turns, and who doesn’t meet the target losses.

4.  A DIY Climbing Wall

Give your children a challenging moment outdoors by making this DIY climbing wall that requires them to use energy and calculate their steps up. You can attach it to the fence or at the backside of the house. Of course, the height of this climbing lane depends on the type of kids you’ve got. If they love heights and want some challenging experience outdoors, make a stable long climbing wall.

A boy climbing a wall
This requires them to use energy and calculate their steps up.

5.  DIY Swing

Make your kids a comfortable wooden swing to sit on and enjoy playing as you do other important things in the house. Let the swing be big enough that you can also join your child sometimes and use it with ease. Your child’s chances of outgrowing a bigger wooden swing are minimal as they can fit in even after adding weight and height.

A old tire converted to swing
Let the swing be big enough that you can also join your child sometimes and use it with ease.

Alternatively, you can make a tire swing for your babies and let them enjoy their time outdoors during the summer. The tire swing has a lot of advantages as your kids can sit in them, stand or sit on them depending on their moods. Making the tire swing is as easy as hanging it with a rope on a tree horizontally. You can get the tires from a nearby garage or use the old ones from your car.

6.  Hopscotch Stepping Stones

This is another DIY playground project you can make for your kids outdoors and keep them engaged all through. You will need concrete pavers and paints to paint them in different colors. Also, number them and enable your kids to have a clear design. This will be a fun, and challenging game as the kids will compete to throw objects and skip the specific pavers.

Since no one wants to lose the game, everyone will try their best to have their objects and feet land within the box. The more you master the game, the higher your winning chances, which is the joy of every kid.

7.  Make A Hula Hoop Hideout

You will not spend much money on this playground project, but it will give your kid the privacy they might need outdoors. Buy a hula hoop, and then add some sheet and twine on it to make it cozy. This area will provide your child with a safe, comfortable playground that’s free from the sunlight. It also provides them with a space to play any game of their choice with ease.

8.  Bring A Trampoline to Your Playground

Help your children enjoy playing on the trampoline without going to the park by installing one at home. This fun-filled game can also be challenging as the kids have to be careful and flexible to balance and bounce off the trampoline. Installing an inground trampoline is better, especially if you’ve smaller kids who have not mastered the game and can get injured.

A girl having fun in the trampoline.
Installing an inground trampoline is better.

9.  DIY Water Slide Project

If your kids love water, don’t hesitate to bring them fun through water slides. This will be one of the best projects you’ll make your kids that will take them away from the crowded water parks. You will also get to save some money by doing this playground project as it’s a bit cheaper.

A family having with their DIY water slide.
This will take them away from the crowded water parks.

Making a water slide isn’t hard as you can use a camping tarp and your garden hose. But don’t forget making the surface slippery, as that’s where the fun of the game lies.

10.  What Of a Music Wall Project?

You can also make your kids a music wall and have them engaged in producing the best tunes from it throughout the day. This project requires you to be creative so that you include the best musical instruments that will capture your kid’s attention.

You don’t need to buy any of these instruments but instead make good use of the old pots and pans from your kitchen. Playing on the music wall will be challenging as your kid has to master the sound from each musical instrument to get the amazing sounds from it. But it’s also fun and involves both body and mind.

11.  DIY Racetrack Playground Project

Do you have boys obsessed with tracks? Then bring them the best experience of racetracks in their playground. You will not spend much money doing this project, and your boys can also help you develop the design of the racetrack they want.

First, however, you will have to dig the area, mix cement and black oxide, and then shape the racetrack. This area will keep your kids engaged for hours competing against one another while also deciding on the best car for such races. Apart from fun, your kids will have challenges making the right turns and deciding the best route that will not see them out of the game.

12.  Tight Ropes Playground Project

Challenge your babies to balance off these tight ropes on their playground. Doing this will be fun and engaging as your kids have to calculate their steps on the ropes, which helps them improve their balancing skills. It will also enable them to build their muscles, coordinate better and learn how to endure pain. You will not need to spend money on this project if you have ropes but instead tighten them on two strong pillars that will ensure your kids are safe on them.

13.  A Natural Sand Playground

Kids love sand, and you can give them that best experience in your next playground project. Make a sandbox or sandpit to enable them to play for hours without bothering you. For a sandpit, have bigger stones around the sand and smaller ones for hauling or loading. But if you make a sandbox, it will fit smaller kids as it tends to confine the play area.

An sand base indoor playground
Make a sandbox or sandpit to enable them to play for hours without bothering you.

14.  Water/Sensory Tables

Allow kids to enjoy playing with water in your backyard after completing this water/ sensory tables DIY project. This area will keep your babies busy pouring, splashing, or stirring the water. But ensure you provide them with the right tools to make playing with water fun, like syringes and scooping spoons. In addition, you can introduce other activities in this area, like laundry, which will help your kids develop life skills.

Bottom Line

You don’t have to spend money every other time taking your kids to the parks and various playing areas to have fun. Instead, choose one of the best DIY projects for kids and make them a playground in your backyard.

Identify the games your children like most and use readily available materials to make these beautiful playgrounds without using much money. Let the activities be fun and challenging to help your kid grow mentally and physically. If your outdoor space is bigger, you can consider doing several playground DIY projects for kids to maximize enjoyment.

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