15 Of The Most Unique Playground Pieces You’ll Ever See

This list of 15 unusual playground pieces is full of unique elements that are sure to help you get the most out of your playground. Each item offers several different benefits that your child is sure to enjoy.

Playgrounds are a great place for kids to get some exercise while having fun. However, not all playgrounds are created equal. Some playgrounds have unusual pieces that can make the experience more fun for kids. 

So, what are some of the unusual playground pieces? Slides that go through a tree, helicopter-shaped climbing frames, slides that double up as sandpit, hammock swings, balance beams, and treehouse swings are just some of the unusual playground pieces you may come across. Others include a swinging hillside bench, a basketball hoop that’s just made out of a single piece of metal, a multi-level maze, and slides made from tires.

Read on to learn more about some unusual playground pieces and how your children can benefit from them.

1. Slide That Goes Through a Tree

Generally, kids love slides. Conventional slides are usually made of metal or plastic and are typically straight. However, slides can take all sorts of shapes. For example, you can design a slide that goes through a tree.

That’s right, and a good example of such a slide can be found in Japan, where it has become a piece of living artwork. The slide is part of a 2013 installation in Yokohama, Japan, called “Slide Through” by Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

It starts on the second-floor balcony and ends in a pond below. Kids have to climb up to get ready for their downhill plunge!

2. Slide Made from Tires

This unusual piece of playground equipment consists of stacked tires that kids can slide down like stairs. If you fiddle with the tires enough, you can create an even more amazing slide.

Slides made from tires are mostly constructed from semi-retired conveyor belts from an automobile factory to create an environmentally friendly piece of playground equipment which is now a common piece of play equipment in many backyard playgrounds.

3. Helicopter Shaped Climbing Frame

The helicopter-shaped climbing frame actually looks like a helicopter, and kids can climb up it and play inside! If they want to do something different, they can simply flip over and stay hanging for a while as they look down below.

The equipment works great as a place where kids can meet up, think, and play. It’s actually a great place to meet people in general, not just kids!

4. Slide That Doubles as a Sandpit

This slide has a unique design where it can be used as either a slide or a sandbox depending on the user’s preference. There is a vertical pole that children can hold onto to help them descend safely for those who want to go down the slide.

Who knew that kids these days would have the opportunity to climb up and slide down what looks like an old abandoned drive-in movie screen?

In fact, those are now becoming very common pieces of playground equipment found in modern playgrounds throughout the United States and world. Kids will love climbing up this piece before heading down for their next adventure. 

5. Hammock Swing

A hammock swing is a unique piece of equipment found in many modern playgrounds. Kids are strapped in with seat belts for safety purposes. Their feet may not reach the ground, but they will have a blast playing on this piece!

A teenager relaxing on a hammock.
Kids are strapped in with seat belts for safety purposes.

6. Balance Beam

If you’ve ever seen the show “American Ninja Warrior,” then you know what a balance beam is. This piece is usually about 60-feet long and 4-inches wide.

It’s extremely tough to walk across it even when you’re in your teens! Now imagine if children had to conquer it?! It would probably take years before any child could accomplish such a feat.  

Well, there are now balance beams that kids can climb up and slide down as well! That just makes the experience more exciting for kids.

7. Climbing Net

A climbing net is always a fun piece of equipment to have around because it lets children climb up and down without the need for stairs or ladders.

Generally, they look like stairways that start on the ground and then wind their way into the tree branches above! The best part is that when you’re done playing, you can climb up and relax in your very own hammock!

8. Swinging Hillside Bench

This unique piece of playground equipment features a swinging bench that kids can sit on as they enjoy the view. In fact, there is a great view from this piece since it looks out over the park. Not only that, but kids can play on the tire swing below, which makes for a great addition to this piece of equipment.

Father and his sons on the bench swing.
This features a swinging bench that kids can sit on as they enjoy the view.

Who knew that an old unused bridge could be turned into a piece of playground equipment? Nowadays, imaginative minds have found ways to turn abandoned pieces of equipment and machinery into fun and interesting play structures.

The bridge in question here has been transformed into a climbing wall! Kids can climb up and slide down the other side as they head back home for dinner.

9. Treehouse Swing

The first treehouse swing was designed by an unknown American, who built it in his backyard. It took about three months to complete the construction and cost about $2,000 for materials. The treehouse swing is a great place to relax and read a good book!

A red swinging chair.
It’s a great project that is very doable no matter your skillset level.

You can also build one for your kids by following simple instructions. It’s a great project that is very doable no matter your skillset level.

10. Multi-level Maze 

This interesting play area is actually more than one unit built into one another. Kids who love mazes will love exploring all three levels.

The best part is that it features color-coded goalposts! Players have to carry the ball all the way up to the top goal before they can drop it off through a small opening into a tube below. 

You can easily design your own multi-level maze and make it as attractive as you want. This piece of playground equipment looks great in any area and will make kids feel like they’re having fun at a real adventure park!

11. Basketball Hoop Made Out of a Single Piece of Metal

If your children love playing basketball, then you can make it easier for them to play by building your own metal hoop.

The best part is that this piece of playground equipment only costs around $100 to make! However, it’s extremely sturdy and will last many years before needing to be replaced. 

This type of hoop would not be possible without using a plasma cutter. The machine melts the metal so that it can be shaped into whatever design you want.

The hoop’s base is made from a single piece of metal and is attached to a wooden post so that kids can easily play.  

Not only is the basketball goal built for easy use, but it looks great as well! It also features ladders which make it more exciting to play.

12. Log Slides

Ever since the first playground was built, slides have been one of the most popular equipment made for younger children. Modern log slides feature the latest designs, and are a lot of fun!

A having fun kid sliding.
The slides themselves are made from pieces of treated pine logs.

Some log slide features include a climbing wall, monkey bars, gangplank balance beam, cargo net crawl tube, and a tire swing.

Some log slides are over 130 feet long! Not only that, but the slides themselves are made from pieces of treated pine logs which have been cut into various sizes and laid over a base of landscaping timbers.

13. The Landscape Timber Bridge

This bridge is usually built using landscape timbers, one of the more common materials used for constructing playground equipment.

It takes about ten hours to complete the project, which mostly features two 8-foot-long planks that lie side by side over a river. The bridge’s unique design makes it look attractive even when it’s not being used.

The logs are strong and durable enough to hold almost any size person. It also includes a section that is high above the water but covered by a handrail. Kids can cross this section during warm weather and get wet below!

If you’re looking for an attractive piece of playground equipment that will also allow your children to play, then this landscape timber bridge should do the trick.

14. Tandem Bike Swing

This unique piece of playground equipment is just one of many play structures designed by a young British artist named Nikki Douthwaite. It has a tandem bike attached to its side and swings from a set of bicycle tires!

Which kid wouldn’t love to have this in their own backyard? Not only is it attractive, but it’s also totally unique and allows for hours of fun playtime! 

15. A Climbing Wall That Uses an Old Boat as a Base!

This type of climbing wall will keep your kids entertained for hours. It’s built from an old boat and features two fun slides.  

The best part is that it really makes kids feel like they’re at sea because they can sit inside the boat and play.  

A boat style playset.
The climbing wall provides a great view of the surrounding area from inside the boat.

Another great feature is that the climbing wall provides a great view of the surrounding area from inside the boat.


Playgrounds are a great place to let your children explore and play. While most playgrounds have traditional pieces, such as slides and swings, there are also some unusual playground pieces that can provide hours of fun.

These unusual pieces can be found in parks and schools all over the country, so take a trip to your nearest park and check them out!

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