5 Common Problems with a Playset (And How to fix)

A playset is designed for children, but it is the parents who are typically left to deal with repairs. There are some common issues that occur frequently, and they can be addressed to prolong the life of your playset.

Buying a playset for your kids is a great idea if you want them to enjoy playing in your backyard. Playsets are pretty affordable and fun. However, these items come with some problems that you need to handle well for your kids’ safety and to enable them to enjoy.

First, when building a playground, you need to carefully follow instructions to avoid causing accidents when your kids are playing. You also have to do regular maintenance on the playset for it to last longer. Additionally, it’s your duty as a parent to make the play area safe and clean for your kids. Failure to follow these will result in serious problems with the playset.

In this article, we will delve deeper into these common problems with a playset and how to solve them. This will enable you to handle it with ease and give your kids maximum fun.

1.  It Takes Time to Set Up the Playset

After buying a playset, it’s upon you to set it up and make it operational. You, however, need to identify the ideal location first. After that, you will do ground preparation which can be time-consuming. To set up a playset, you need to:

Level the Ground

Before installing the playset, you need to prepare the ground to fit well and be secure. You should level the ground by ensuring the slopes and contours are well managed. Doing this enables your playset to last longer, look attractive, and with fewer risks.

Remove Any Hindrance

After that, you need to remove any hindrance around the playset. This requires some skills and creativity. For example, you should know how to handle the wires, pipes, plants, and stones around the playground. Also, remove any overhead hindrance like lines that can interfere with the upper section of the playset.


To make the playground safe for your children, you need to do the surfacing. Doing this will help make the place comfortable to play in. you can install unitary surfacing.

A girl playing on the sand.
You need to do the surfacing, doing this will help make the place comfortable to play in.

Finally, you can install the playset in the playground and have a neat and well-organized play area. Doing all this is never easy and requires patience, time, and the right skills, which not everyone can manage.  You might end up not finishing setting up the playset, which is not safe for your kids.

2.  It Requires Regular Maintenance

Another common problem with a playset is that it requires regular maintenance to last longer and be safe for your kids. Without good maintenance, the playset can be a safety hazard for the kids. To maintain the playset, you have to do the following:

Fix Broken Parts and Loose Ends

Check on the equipment to identify broken parts like cracks or loose bolts and fix them. Broken equipment might force you to stop your kids from playing in the area before repairing them, as they can pose risks.

You also need to tighten the loose edges of the playset to make it safe to play on. Remember that doing this also helps make it last longer. You can fix this by yourself. But if you don’t know how to do it, look at the manufacturer’s instructions or make google/ YouTube your friend.

Inspecting Any Damaged Areas

To maintain the playset in shape, you also need to inspect if there’s any damaged surface. This is especially true if the playset is made of natural materials that insects or pests can damage. Then, of course, you can stain or paint the playset to prevent damages from such animals. But this depends on the kind of material the playset is made of.

Prevent Rusting and Corrosion of Surfaces

If the playset is made of metallic surfaces, you need regular maintenance to curb rusting and corrosion. You should do this if you set the playset in an open backyard that doesn’t prevent it from rain or dew. Also, if the metallic surfaces come into contact with the ground, you should be careful with them. You can cover the playset when not in use or paint the metallic surfaces to avoid rusting.

3.  Getting a Unique Playset

If you want a lasting playset in your backyard, you’ll have to choose the right one that is safe and meets your needs. However, doing this is never easy because most playsets have similar design colors and shapes, making getting a unique one a problem. Here are problems you’ll face while trying to choose a suitable playset.

Identifying the Right Type of Playset

You need to carefully select the playset so that your child doesn’t get injured while using them. For example, avoid choosing a playset with more than 3-inch openings, which can trap your kid’s head if they try passing through. Also, know the height of the playset that can’t make your child get injured when they accidentally fall.

An indoor playground
You need to carefully select the playset so that your child doesn’t get injured while using them.

Poor Quality Playset Materials

If the playset is not made of quality materials, your child’s safety will be at stake. Remember, some of these playsets require your child to climb them as they play. If they’re poor-quality, chances of them falling apart while your kid is playing are high and can lead to serious injuries. So, you need to ensure the playset you buy is made of high-quality materials that are safe to use.

4.  It Doesn’t Have the proper Safety Measures in place

Buying and installing a playset for your baby isn’t enough, as the safety of your kids will be on your hands. Remember, most playsets have slippery surfaces and are high. So, you need to take the necessary steps to ensure they’re safe to use. Here’s what you need to do.

Cushion the Surfaces

You should ensure the playset is safe to use by making the surfaces around them comfortable. For example, have soft foams around the play area to prevent your child from injuries.

A child playing

Also, you can wrap some of the playsets with soft sponges to prevent your kids from getting scratches while playing. But don’t forget to clean or sanitize these surfaces as germs can thrive in dirty areas affecting your children.

Clean the Playset

Another way of ensuring the playset is safe to use is by regularly cleaning to remove dirt around the playset. A dirty playground is harmful to your child’s health as they can get infections. Some dirt, like broken pieces, can also injure your baby.

So, you need to regularly clean the playset and sanitize it to kill germs and bacteria. You can bring dustbins in this area so that your kids can throw away dirt like water bottles they use while playing, reducing your workload.

Supervise the Kids Play

 Additionally, you have to supervise your kids as they play to prevent them from getting harmed. Supervising them while playing will also ensure your kid gets the necessary help if they get injuries in the playset. Remember, kids may fail to see a pending danger in time, but an adult will. So, if you’re not around, you have to let them play under the supervision of an adult.

A child being guided.
You have to supervise your kids as they play to prevent them from getting harmed.

Doing all these can be cumbersome and prevent you from doing other things as kids play. You might be forced to allow your kids to play on certain days when you’re free, which is not good.

5.  Easy To Install Playset Are Small and Simple

When you decide to bring fun in your backyard, your choice will be limited to a small, simple playset. But this depends on the size of your playground, your budget, and your knowledge to set up the playset.

Not knowing how to install a playset will force you to go for a simple-to-install playset that may not meet your kid’s expectations. You will also go for a smaller playset because it’s easy to install and maintain. Additionally, a smaller backyard can only accommodate a smaller playset.

This kind of playset will result in:

Limited Exciting Accessories

A smaller DIY playset will have fewer add-ons and accessories that can add fun to the playground. So, your kid will not enjoy playing with the playset as they feel it’s limiting. They will, in this case, demand more fun activities, frustrating your efforts. A simple playset may also not keep your kid engaged for hours, making them bored faster and interfering with your other programs.

Money and Time Wastage

If your kids don’t love playing in the playset because they don’t find it enjoyable, you’ll have wasted your time and money. Remember you bought the playset, set it up, and made sure it stays in proper shape. It staying idle in the backyard while you take your kids to have fun on other playgrounds can be frustrating.

An outdoor playground.
Buying a playset for your kids is a great idea if you want them to enjoy playing.


What are the benefits of having a playset in your home?

If you have a playset at home, your kids will not go playing in overcrowded spaces. Also, you’ll save time looking for a suitable playground with the right playset for your kids.

Can I fix a damaged playset?

Yes. If the damage is not huge and simple to repair, you can easily fix that. But if not, call a technician to help you out.

Can you put a playset on the grass?

Grass will not provide the proper surface cushioning, making the play area uncomfortable and unsafe to play on. So, don’t put the playset on the grass.

Bottom Line

Having a playset at home is advantageous as you’ll not spend time looking for a suitable playground and taking your kids out to play. However, you will have to ensure your kids are safe while playing, do regular maintenance, and have limited games. The safety of your kids while they’re playing should come first.

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