5 Top Playsets that Will Enhance Your Toddler’s Imagination

When kids play, they get the chance to explore, discover, and learn through play. It's important to enhance your child's imagination when they're still toddlers. By introducing playsets that enhance the toddler's imagination.

Play is essential for kids’ development and growth. When kids play, they get the chance to explore, discover, and learn through play. When it comes to encouraging play in kids, there are lots of options out there, ranging from dolls houses to toy kitchens for girls and cars and trucks for boys. But did you know that many of these toys could not only enhance your child’s creativity but also encourage them to be physically active?

It’s important to enhance your child’s imagination when they’re still toddlers. You should do this by introducing playsets that enhance the toddler’s imagination, such as building, painting, or just plain creative play.

Below are some of the best playsets to help your kids develop their creativity and imaginative thinking through playtime.

1.  Building Sets

Building sets are fantastic toys to encourage your child’s creativity and motor skills. They can stimulate their imaginations by creating new structures and buildings with the materials you can give them. 

There are building sets for all sorts of environments, including houses, planes, airports, and hospitals. These toys allow your child to expand their imaginative play by helping them recreate scenarios from reality or ones they make up themselves. Some of the most common building sets for kids include:


Kids can play with building blocks to help them create ideas for new structures. The possibilities are endless, depending on the number of blocks you have in your toy chest. Blocks are great because they encourage kids to pay attention to detail and problem solve whenever their creations don’t turn out quite right.


Lego bricks are one of the most popular building toys for kids. They provide hours of entertainment as your child creates new worlds from the bricks. They can build houses, planes, cars, and more.

A yellow Lego wall
It provide hours of entertainment as your child creates new worlds from the bricks.


Magformers are a fun alternative to Lego because it comes with magnetic rods that allow you to create simple or complex structures and shapes. They can build towers, castles, and even transformers. Magformers also come with themed sets that support certain characters. If your child is a fan of Paw Patrol, for example, you can get the Magformer set that has the characters on it.

Straw Connectors

Staw connectors are great for creating new structures. You can also connect them to Lego bricks. They come in all sorts of bright colors, so they’re sure to catch your toddler’s eye as you build new structures together.

Magnetic Tiles

Magnetic tiles are a fun way to get your child’s imagination going. These colorful, magnetic building pieces allow you to create structures and stick them together to avoid falling apart easily.

A colorful magnetic tiles.
It will allow you to create structures and stick them together to avoid falling apart easily.

2.  Art Materials

You can enhance your kid’s artistic skills by introducing non-toxic and baby-safe art materials to their playtime experience. Art materials like paint, clay, and markers are excellent for allowing your child to explore the different colors and textures available. When it comes to art materials, you can go wrong with any of these:


You can create beautiful pictures by painting on canvases or allowing your child to express their creativity with paints. Paints come in so many colors, and you can even get them with glitter for an added touch. Painting is great because it helps develop your child’s motor skills as well as their focus.


Playdoh is always fun because you can create anything that your heart desires. There are tons of flavor scents that you can choose from, including the classic vanilla. Playdoh is also great for developing your child’s fine motor skills.

Colored Sand 

Colored sand is amazing because it allows kids to mix different colors to create new colors of their own. For example, if they mix red and yellow sand, they’ll create orange-colored sand. Colored sand comes in many different shapes, sizes, and containers. There’s even gluten-free sand available for those who suffer from gluten allergies.


Clay is great because it allows your child to create designs of their own. Your child can use tools to carve into the clay or mold it into any shape they want. There are even non-toxic versions of clay that come in fun colors and scents.

A little girl playing with her colorful clays.
It will allow your child to create designs of their own.


Chalk is a classic art material loved by millions of kids. It gives your child the opportunity to create beautiful designs on pavements or sidewalks outside. You can also use chalk sticks for more detailed drawings if necessary.

3.  Open-Ended Toys

These are toys that encourage your child to use their imagination and creativity. Most of them don’t require batteries or even electricity. They’re just simple toys that allow kids to create their own fun.

Jumbo Knobs 

Jumbo knobs are perfect for giving your child more control over their creations. These colorful knobs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so you can create houses, sheds, or whatever your child’s imagination motivates them to make.

Shape Stacker 

Shape stackers are great because they’re easy for small children to hold onto. Your toddler will enjoy trying to figure out the different shapes on this toy and learn how they fit together. They can also use it as a stacking toy if they want to because the shapes are easy for them to place on top of each other.


Puzzles are the perfect pretend game for your child. They like to solve puzzles by putting together pieces of different shapes and sizes. Puzzles encourage your child’s imagination, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills as well!

Board Games 

There are so many board games available to adults these days. Why not get a few for toddlers as well? Board games are fun because they encourage your child’s strategic thinking and fine motor skills when it comes to taking turns. Your child will also learn to follow the rules while playing board games, which is necessary for real life.

4.  Multi-Sensory Tools

These tools are great for helping kids with different developmental delays, especially those who struggle to feel “normal”. Some of these toys may sound silly, but they’re the perfect tools that promote learning and help children find success.

Fidget Toys 

Fidget toys are growing in popularity every day. These toys allow your child to have something to fiddle with without distracting them or others. Some of these toys are meant to be chewed, while others are used for arm swinging. These tools are perfect for allowing your child to relax their body and focus on tasks given to them.

A boy and a girl busy playing with their new toy.
These tools are perfect for allowing your child to relax their body and focus on tasks given to them.

Weighted Blanket 

Weighted blankets give kids an added sense of security because they can easily cuddle with them. Weighted blankets are great for developing sensory processing skills and can even help kids who suffer from anxiety.

Pillow Pets 

Pillow pets come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find one that your child loves. They’re great because they follow the same movements as a real animal, which eases fear or stress in certain children. Pillow pets are the perfect companions for your child, and they’re sure to love them.

Shake and Sing Puppets 

Shake and sing puppets bring a little bit of magic into your child’s life. They combine the fun with music and movement, so it becomes something pleasant and exciting instead of something monotonous.

5.  Pretence Play

Pretence play is playsets that enable kids to mimic what adults do in everyday life. This type of play offers numerous benefits to children, especially in the emotional and social departments. Some of the best pretence playsets include:

Kitchen Set 

Children love pretending to cook like mommy or daddy. A kitchen set is the perfect pretend game for your child because they get to be just like an adult while playing. Your toddler can “bake” cakes and cookies or “cook” a casserole. The set allows children to play with different utensils while mixing ingredients in small toy bowls.

A kid busy playing with her kitchen set.
It is the perfect pretend game for your child because they get to be just like an adult while playing.

Tool Set 

Your child will love pretending to be just like mommy and daddy with their very own toolset. Kids can hammer nails into wood, tighten screws with a screwdriver, and even pick up toys from the floor.

Doctor Set 

When your toddler needs to be just like mommy and daddy, they can pull out their doctor set to pretend. Your child will have everything they need to “fix” anyone who needs it with the set. The set comes with a miniature stethoscope and even a bag for carrying around all of the tools.

Dressing Accessories

Dressing accessories are a great way to encourage your child’s creativity and even give them self-confidence. There are endless options for clothing sets, which allow children the freedom of dressing however they want! Your child will pretend that they’re just like mommy and daddy and feel accomplished once everything is on correctly.

Musical Instruments 

Young children love music and playing musical instruments, so why not get them their very own set? There’s a wide variety of children’s musical instruments available on the market these days. These tools encourage creativity in your child and even allow them to learn how to play real-life adult instruments.


The above playsets are perfect for any parent who wants their toddlers to develop normally and become responsible adults. Enhancing your kid’s creativity and imagination will help them learn how to interact with others and handle situations better. It’s never too early for a child to become more independent and intelligent. So, the next time you go to a toy shop with your little one, you should know just the right playset to pick.

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