6 Exciting Playground Games To Play Indoors

Sometimes it's fun to take a break from our usual indoor activities and play a game or two on your indoor playground. This article outlines 6 different games you can easily play indoors, in your own home.

Kids generally love going out and enjoying quality playtime with their friends. Unfortunately, there are some days when it is just impossible to step out.

No matter how bundled up they get or how waterproofed their boots are, it is just too miserable and risky to get them outdoors.

So, what happens on such days? Do you let them spend all day watching television and playing video games?

You don’t have to because you can bring the fun indoors and help them burn as much energy as possible. Get creative and come up with a wide range of activities that can keep your little ones engaged and physically active.

You can transform your dining table into a ping-pong tournament, let them slide on an indoor slide or help them set up their own living room bowling league. The primary objective is to keep them busy.

Read on to find out some of the exciting playground games you can play indoors with your kids.

1. Indoor Bowling

Bad weather ruining your outdoor bowling plans?  There is no need to worry because you can easily create your own bowling alley in your hallway and enjoy the bowling experience with your little ones.

If your outdoor bowling plans have changed due to bad weather, you can also play bowling indoors.

To set up an indoor bowling challenge, you will need a marker,  space to play, ten empty soda cans or water bottles, black/white non-toxic spray paint, masking tape, and a tennis ball or plastic bowling ball.

Use the masking tape to create a distinct bowling lane. Be mindful of your kids’ age and their physical abilities while creating the lane. These two aspects will determine how long the bowling lane should be.

Carefully peel the wrappers off the soda cans or water bottles and paint them. Give them some time to dry before you move to the next step.

Arrange the painted soda cans or water bottles in order at the end of the bowling lane you created in step one.

Let your kids use the plastic bowling ball or tennis ball to strike all the bottles or cans.  You can stick to a tennis ball if you want to make the game slightly harder because tennis balls are somewhat smaller than plastic balls.

You can also use a bowling game toy set if you own one and tweak the rules slightly to make the game more exciting for your children.

2. Indoor Obstacle Course

An indoor obstacle course is one of the most exciting indoor games for younger kids. The good thing is that you can quickly build an obstacle course and let your kids have fun.

Some of the things you will need to set up this game successfully include blankets, chairs, hula hoops, exercise balls and anything else you think will be useful.

Use some chairs, blankets, hula hoops, and balls to build your own obstacle course indoors.

Once you have assembled everything you need, you need to set up a course that your available space permits and set the rules.

While playing this game, each obstacle may require a different way of crossing through it. For instance, you can ask your children to pass from under a table chair or pass through the blanket tunnel thrice before they move onto the next obstacle.

Let the kids know that they will only earn a point after navigating each obstacle successfully. The kid who accumulates the highest number of points becomes the winner.

One of the most critical things you need to remember while setting up this game is to clear the playing space and obstacle course to avoid injuries.

3. Murder in the Dark

This is one of the best indoor games for kids. It is best played at night so that it is dark when the lights are switched off.

Have your children sit in a circle and close their eyes. Gently tap one of them on the shoulder to signal that he/she is the murderer. From there, everyone opens their eyes, and you proceed to pick a detective.

The detective should leave the room and wait outside for at least five seconds after hearing a scream. The lights are then switched off, and players are allowed to mix and mingle around the room.

The murderer taps a victim on the shoulder and whispers into their ear, “I am the murder and you are now dead.”  The victim must scream and collapse onto the floor.

Everyone, except the murderer, must standstill after the scream. The murderer can choose to stand still too or move around quietly.

The detective is allowed to enter the room five seconds after the scream and turn on the lights. He/she looks at the victim and starts to question everyone to identify the murderer. During the interrogation, only the murderer is allowed to lie. Everybody else must tell the truth.

Once the detective has completed the interrogation and decided who they think is the murderer, they must touch the accused person on the shoulder and announce that “I am arresting you for the murder of John Doe (name of the victim).

If the detective is right, then the murderer can proceed to confess. However, if he/she is wrong, the true murderer reveals himself/herself.

4. Indoor Hopscotch

This playground favorite can still be an indoor hit if you get every detail right. You can set up the hopscotch game on any floor surface and use masking tape to form the nine connecting squares.

Ensure you place squares one to three in a single line –one on top of the other. The next two squares (four and five) are positioned carefully side-by-side. This is followed by a single square marked number six. The next two squares (seven and eight) follow square six, and then the final half–circle marked nine.

Once you have got the square arrangement correct, choose an appropriate marker such as a stone, coin, or beanbag.

As a matter of fact, you do not necessarily need to be outdoors to play hopscotch.

The first player throws the marker object into square one without it bouncing or touching the lines. If the throw is successful, he/she is allowed to hop (one foot on single squares and two feet on side-by-side squares) while avoiding the first square.

The player is allowed to rest on “home” before they start hopping back while picking the marker in square one on their way back. If the player is successful, he/she is allowed to take another turn by throwing the marker object into square two.

The process repeats until the player is unsuccessful and the next player takes turn. Keep in mind that players resume their turn by throwing the marker into the last square they played.

The winner of the hopscotch challenge is usually the first player to throw the marker home (half-circle nine) and smoothly navigate the entire course.

5. Big Bubble

Most of us can agree that soap bubbles inside the house can be quite a pain, given that they can damage electronic appliances, furniture, and even carpeting. Therefore, instead of making bubbles, this game focuses on making just one big soap bubble in a relatively safe place inside your house.

To play this game, you will need clean water, drinking straws, and dish wash soap. 

Take one or two drops of dishwashing soap and place them on a plate. Add a little water and carefully mix it until small suds or bubbles start to form.

From there, ask your kids to dip the drinking straw into the bubbles and blow gently and slowly. All you have to do is watch as the big bubbles start to form on the plate.

To make the game more fun and exciting, you can turn it into a competition. Whoever makes the biggest or longest bubble wins the contest. You can also let them use their hands instead of drinking straws.

6. Sock Wars

This is another interesting indoor game you can try at home. To play it, you will require at least 20 socks carefully rolled up into balls.

Divide the playing room into two halves and place the socks on the line right in the middle of the room. Feel free to use masking tape to mark the boundary.

Divide the kids into two equal teams and arrange them along the boundary line with the socks. When the game starts, the primary objective of each team should be to get as many socks onto the other team’s side of the room before time is up.

You will need at least 20 socks to roll them up into balls and play sock wars indoors.

All team members must strictly stay on their designated side of the boundary and toss the sock over to the other team’s side. A player can’t hold onto a sock for more than five seconds before throwing it away.

The team with the least number of socks on their side when time is up wins the game. You can also add a few beach balls to complement the socks and make the game more interesting.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have an idea of some of the exciting playground games you can play indoors, you can start having fun with your loved ones.

However, you need to make sure you take appropriate precautions to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Clear the playing area and make it child-proof before allowing your kids to start running around. You must also ensure that the play area is clean to minimize the risk of infections.

Don’t let adverse weather conditions affect your playtime. Choose any of these games and enjoy quality playtime with your kids right inside the house.

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