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We are so glad that you found us! We have put together this website to share everything we have learned over the years, and hope to answer every question you may have. We have LOTS of information on our site, and we think may overwhelm a first-time visitor. “Where do I even begin?” We know how these things go–you’re excited to get started and want to find as much information as possible. If you are just getting going, we would suggest starting with one of the most popular sections- How to Build a Playground -and reading as many articles as you can find there. They will provide you with basic knowledge that is needed for making any decision, and give instructions on how to build a playground.

We are passionate about Playgrounds and love sharing everything we learn about it. OwnPlayground is the ultimate resource for learning everything about your own playground.

ownplayground.com is a trusted safe place online where parents can collaborate and explore amazing life experiences and brands that making the world a better place.

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