How To Choose The Best Swing Set For Older Kids?

As your kids get older, they will soon outgrow their swing set and require something bigger and more complex. There are a lot of different types to choose from when it comes to deciding what is best for your older children but one thing you'll need

When it comes to providing outdoor fun and making your kids happy, nothing does the job better than a swing set. It is not uncommon for parents to buy one for their kids once they reach a certain age. However, it doesn’t mean that swing sets are only meant for younger kids. Even their older mates still find it interesting and enjoyable.  The only difference is how the older kids interact with the set. Keep in mind that as your children grow older, they become more independent and love sophisticated physical challenges.

So, how do you choose the best swing set for older kids?  The most important thing to keep in mind is that finding the best swing set for older kids is a matter of finding a strong enough set to hold their weight and interesting enough to catch their attention. You also need something with adjustable swings and relatively taller towers to keep up with their changing needs.

Consider a swing with changeable accessories because older kids always want to try out different things. Swapping out certain accessories can keep them busy for longer periods.

Still, wondering what to consider when shopping for a swing set for your older kids?  We are here to help you make an informed decision.  Read on to find out everything you need to know.

Choosing the Best Swing Set for Older Kids

Before you start hunting for a swing set for your older kids, you must take time to understand a few critical things

As your kids grow older, they become more independent and want to engage in more challenging activities. Therefore, you need to choose a swing set that offers them challenging and fun ways to stay active. You also want a swing set that is safe and durable.

Here are some of the critical factors you need to consider when choosing a swing set for your older kids:

1. Sturdy construction

One of the biggest things you should keep in mind while shopping for a swing set is the safety of your little ones. It is even more critical when you are shopping for your older kids’ swing set because they have added weight and maybe too rough while playing.

Therefore, the overall quality of the set is crucial. Ensure that whatever you acquire can support the weight of your kids without issues. You should also make sure the towers and walkways can accommodate their high-energy play.

A bucket swing.
Make sure your swing set is made of durable materials and is 100% safe for your older kids.

If you prefer a wooden swing set to a metallic one, pay close attention to the beam construction. Ensure it is a solid cedar beam that can handle a lot of weight without issues. Avoid swing sets whose beams are pieces of wood glued together.

A solid beam construction is critical for stability and durability. It can withstand warping and doesn’t crack easily.  It is also resistant to other forms of damage, providing you with the peace of mind you deserve while your kids are out playing.

2. Adjustable swings

When the growth spurt hits your kids, you will be surprised at how fast they will start to grow. The once shorter and slim boy may suddenly become taller and bigger. When your kids start sprouting up faster, you also need to think quickly and adjust your swing set accordingly.

To keep up with their changing physical stature, find a swing set that provides you with an option to adjust swings to accommodate your growing children. This way, you don’t have to worry about your little ones outgrowing the swing seats.

You should also ensure the swings have stainless steel and heavy-duty swing hangers as an extra safety feature.

3. Extra towers

Choosing a swing set with extra towers provides you with an incredible opportunity to convert it into a totally new place for your kids to play. It also opens up the possibility of adding all types of new accessories for your older kids.

A empty wooden swing.
To keep your kids excited about their swing set, do not forget to add new accessories periodically.

A good swing set should be customizable, which means you can easily add another tower or connect it with other accessories to provide your kids with newer experiences. Avoid buying static swing sets because they don’t provide you with good value for money.

Go for a customizable swing set even if it doesn’t come with extra towers because you can always buy them when the right time comes instead of buying an entirely new set.

4. Accessories

As your little ones grow older, their imagination, creativity, and the way they have fun outdoors quickly changes. Some of them that enjoyed swinging before may no longer be interested in the activity.

When you reach this point, you need to become creative and find ways of keeping them engaged. A good swing set for older kids deals with this issue by providing a lot of accessories to complement their wild imaginations and creativity.

A girl playing on the monkey bar.
Older kids adore swinging on monkey bars, so you should definitely add them to your swing set.

Some of the accessories may encourage acrobatics, while others encourage athleticism. Some of the great swing set accessories for your older kids includes monkey bars, an ice cream/lemonade stand, ring climbers, working spotlight, steering wheel, etc.

5. Bigger swings and slides

Swings form the basis of almost every swing set out there, and that is why most of them are designed to offer countless hours of fun. In fact, no swing set can be complete without swings. However, their size usually varies depending on your kids’ ages.

For younger children, they need smaller swings and swing seats.  But things change as they grow older and taller. The swing set needs to evolve as well to keep up with their changing needs.

A backyard play set.
The bigger the slide, the more fun your kids will have.

A good set must feature adjustable swing hangers that allow you to easily attach the right size swings for your little ones, no matter their age or body size. If the swing set doesn’t come with adjustable swing hangers, you may be forced to acquire a new set when your kids outgrow your current playset.

Besides bigger swings, you also need to ensure the slides are big enough. Typically, the bigger the slide, the more fun your kids will have. Older kids love to twist and slide down fast.  With extra tall and twisty slides, your loved ones can have countless hours of pure fun.

Although basic slides are great for younger kids, swing sets designed for older kids need at least one epic slide to arouse their adrenaline and make them feel good.

6. Tall towers

Older kids love to fantasize, and installing a swing set with tall towers is one of the easiest ways of making their fantasies come true. Tall towers let your little ones feel like they are high up in the sky, surveying their surroundings.

However, from a practical point of view, the tall towers are ideal for ultra-tall foot slides. When choosing a swing set for older kids, you need to think beyond the ordinary and reason like your children. Get a swing set with tall towers, and you can be sure that they will love it.

7. Galvanized steel hardware

Lastly, a quality swing set for older kids must be 100% safe all-around. Ensure there are no sharp corners or protruding parts. Galvanizing is more critical if you purchase a metallic set because it prolongs the swing set’s lifespan.

It also protects the critical components of the swing set from corrosion and rust, further enforcing the set’s safety and durability. The set must also be snag-free, allowing your young ones to play freely without getting caught on the hardware components.

The Importance of Play for Older Kids

Sometimes, it is easier to care for younger kids than their older counterparts. Older kids are independent and want to make their own choices. Therefore, parents usually face the challenge of encouraging them to break away from video games, movies, and smartphones to engage in outdoor play.

Kids playing tug of war.
You should make sure your older kids spend enough time playing outside to promote their adequate development.

The truth is that older children need to play just as much as their younger counterparts, but most of them are unwilling, which risks their health. Research shows that children aged 8-18 years spend an average of seven hours a day playing video games and browsing the internet.

Outdoor play is vital for older children because they are going through a wide range of changes.

Playtime helps them to maintain a healthy weight and boosts their self-esteem. It also offers them an incredible platform to exploit their imagination and build long-lasting relationships with their peers.

Final Thoughts

A swing set is a great investment for your kids but choosing one for older kids can be quite tricky.

Although the primary purpose of a swing set is to engage their imagination and encourage your little ones to participate in physical activities, there are significant differences in how older kids interact with swing sets compared to younger kids.

If you are purchasing a swing set for older kids, you need to ensure it is sturdy, stable, and supports different activities. It should offer your older kids different ways of expressing their imagination and creativity.

We hope you found this post educative, and you can now go out and choose the best swing set for your older kids. Do you have any questions or suggestions? Let us know in the comments section.

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