Is It Worth It To Get A Playset For Your Backyard?

Backyard playsets are worth the money if used correctly. You child can use a backyard playset for years to come. Allow your child to have fun with this Backyard playset. The set includes a slide, swing, rock climbing wall, ladder and rope bridge.

Let us face it: Some of our best childhood memories are made of climbing trees and playing in the community park, sliding down the plastic slides, and enjoying quality time with our friends on school playgrounds. However, things are no longer the same because there is less space for open play today. Furthermore, kids prefer spending time indoors watching TV, playing video games, or surfing the internet. This is why clever parents are turning their backyards into playgrounds and installing playsets for their little ones to enjoy quality outdoor play.

So, are backyard playsets worth it? The simple answer is yes.  A quality backyard playset provides your little one with a wide range of awesome benefits they can’t get by staying indoors. These playsets play a crucial role in getting kids off digital devices, help them to enjoy physical exercise, teaches them important life skills, encourage independence and imagination, promotes social interaction, and most importantly, provides parents with an excellent opportunity to multitask without worrying about the safety of their little ones too much.

This blog post discusses everything you need to know about backyard playsets, with a major focus on the benefits that they offer. Read on to find out everything you need to know.

Why Do Children Need Outdoor Play?

If you are a parent in the 21st century, you most probably love nothing more than to find some creative and constructive ways to help hook your little ones off their digital screen addictions.

Research shows that modern children spend at least five hours in front of a digital screen every day.

While interacting with digital devices isn’t entirely bad, the more your kids find time to interact with nature and play with their friends outdoors, the better.

Some digital applications can actually help your children to learn, gain valuable problem-solving skills, and how to be creative, but you cannot afford to ignore the health benefits that come with your kid playing outdoors.

Therefore, you must get creative and find a way of ensuring that your young ones aren’t getting lost in the digital screens for hours and hours on end.

Kids running.
The more your kids find time to interact with nature and play with their friends outdoors, the better.

The novel solution that requires no batteries or special technology is to install a playset in your backyard. Almost every child loves the idea of spending time on a playhouse trying out different things and learning more about the environment around them.

It provides them with something more engaging and exciting. A quality playhouse arouses their inner thinking, boosting their thinking and creativity.

As long as you keep the playset in great condition, your children will always be looking forward to stepping out and enjoying outdoor play, which is crucial to their development.

What Are the Benefits of Backyard Playsets?

To understand better whether backyard playsets are worth it or not, we need to figure out some of their benefits.  Here are some of the crucial benefits of getting your children connected with a backyard playset.

1. Gets Children Off Digital Screens and Outdoors

The truth is that the primary purpose of turning your backyard into a playground is to get your little ones from their smartphones, iPads, and television. While it is not always easy to convince them to go out and play, installing a good quality playhouse in your backyard can play a critical role in pushing them to embrace outdoor play.

They will be motivated knowing they don’t have to sit in the car for hours headed to a public playground or park because everything they need is right in the backyard.

Family having fun on a DIY water slide.
It is not always easy to convince your kids to go out and play.

With the right playground equipment in your backyard playground, you can turn your home into a play castle for your little ones. This is a great opportunity to establish long-lasting bonds with your little ones and help them boost their imaginary skills.

2. Promotes Social Interactions

One of the most important benefits of installing a backyard playset is that it provides your little ones with an opportunity to share their playset with their friends. This fosters social interaction, which is crucial to their development.

It means that they don’t lose anything by not going to a public playground. As long as they can invite their friends over, everything will be fine. You can also help them grow by inviting a few kids from the neighborhood to come over for a play date.

Hands, toys, and peoples interactions.
It provides your little ones with an opportunity to share their playset with their friends.

Installing a backyard playset is the right move if you want to have other children come over to your place and interact with your little ones.

Instead of spending time indoors playing video games or watching TV, they can always get some fresh air and exercise while playing on the playset.

If you organize a backyard barbecue or family gathering, you don’t have to worry about what kids will do to entertain themselves while you are busy attending to the other tasks.

When you have a playset installed, your kids will always have fun and something to keep them occupied so you can enjoy quality time with your guests.

You may even discover that your house becomes the perfect hotspot for get-togethers because you have an excellent setup for your kids in the backyard.

3. Backyard Playsets Improve Your Kids’ Athletic Ability

Research shows that having kids play on playsets is great because playsets tend to promote movement and perceptual skills, social interaction, sensory integration, mental representation, and general fitness.

It means that your little ones are always developing a wide range of useful skills that may help them their entire life while playing.

When your little ones enjoy their time in a playhouse, both the proprioceptive and vestibular systems are fully activated. The vestibular system is made up of several small bones in the inner parts of the ear that balance evenly.

A boy climbing.
The more time your little ones spend on a playhouse, the more they will learn to balance better than their peers.

A wide range of activities, including playing on swings and playhouses, have been found to improve balance and coordination by strengthening these bones.

It means that the more time your little ones spend on a playhouse, the more they will learn how to balance better than their peers.

On the other hand, the proprioceptive system plays a critical role in letting the brain know where your body is standing and gives out accurate information on posture. The good news is that the entire proprioceptive system can be improved massively by allowing your kids to spend time in a playhouse.

Combine a swing set and playhouse, and you will realize that those two activities play a massive role in developing balance and coordination among children.

4. It Is Safer to Play at Home

Today, the world feels distinctly more dangerous than how it was a couple of years ago. It seems like no one is safe.  Therefore, modern kids no longer enjoy the massive freedoms we enjoyed while growing up.

Public parks and playgrounds are no longer as safe as they were, with the number of broad daylight kidnappings and abductions increasing in most countries worldwide.

The global coronavirus pandemic has also played a critical role in highlighting the dangers we had not considered before. Two years later, most countries still recommend that everyone wears a mask, practice social distancing, and frequently sanitize.

While kids have adapted to the pandemic better than adults, it is no secret that public gatherings at playgrounds and parks aren’t safe just yet. You are always at risk of infection if you don’t observe the recommended measures.

Fortunately, you can avoid all that by building your own backyard playground and installing a good quality playhouse to provide your little ones with the enjoyment they deserve without exposing them to health risks.

5. Helps Your Children Create Childhood Memories

As good parents, we always strive to provide our children with the best life we can afford. However, parents are already becoming conscious of how much the digital era deprives their young ones of a chance to build unforgettable memories.

Since we are busier than before and can’t be there every day to entertain our little ones, the least we can do is provide them with a conducive playing environment that can help them create long-lasting memories about their childhood.

A happy family having picnic.
They serve as a perfect gift for your little ones that evoke the kind of childhood memories.

That is why backyard playgrounds and playsets are heaven-send. They serve as a perfect gift for your little ones that evoke the kind of childhood memories we have about our own childhood.

It is the perfect way to ensure your little ones will always remember their earlier years and how life was.

Think about the wonderful photo opportunities that backyard playsets provide, not to mention how your backyard will be the envy of your neighborhood and help your children be respected by their peers.


Now that you know some of the benefits of installing a playset in your backyard, it is time to turn your backyard into a perfect play area for your young ones. Take time to research and shop for the best playset or custom-build one.

The most important thing you need to ensure is that whatever you choose to install in your backyard should align with your kids’ interests. With the right playset, you will help your children enjoy the wonders of childhood and stay active most of the time.

Over to you and all the best in your quest to ensure your little ones remain physically active!

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