Risk-Free Fun: The Safest Playground Equipment Options

Safest Playground Equipment is designed to provide a safe and fun-filled play experience for children. We suggest the playground for your kids if you want them to have a great time and enjoy themselves.
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If you have kids, chances are you have ever taken them to a playground. And if you have, you know that feeling of watching them climb to the top of the slide or swing as high as they can and your heart skipping a beat. But did you know that not all playground equipment is created the same when it comes to safety? The truth is that some playground equipment is much safer than others.

So, what is the safest playground equipment? While it is impossible to make a definitive statement, certain types of playground equipment tend to be much safer than others. For example, swings that have a bucket seat and are low to the ground are generally considered much safer than swings that don’t have a bucket seat or are high off the ground.

The same is true for slides; those that are shorter and have softer landings are usually considered to be safer than taller, steeper slides. Climbing walls, monkey bars, and other such equipment can also be dangerous if not used properly, so it is crucial to ensure that your children are supervised when using them.

This blog post discusses everything you need to know about the safest playground equipment. Read on to learn more.

Playground Safety: What Do You Need to Know?

Before deepening the discussion about the safest playground equipment, it is essential to understand key facts and statistics about playground safety.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, an estimated 200,000 playground injuries are treated yearly. And according to the National Safety Council (NSC), nearly 75 percent of all playground injuries are caused by falls.

So, what can you do to keep your children safe on the playground? In addition to choosing the safest playground equipment, there are a few other things to remember.

Boo girl playground equipment.
Keep in mind that preventing playground injuries is relatively easier than treating them.

One, ensuring that the playground surface is soft and debris-free is essential. This will help to cushion any falls and prevent injuries. Additionally, ensure that there are no gaps or spaces between pieces of equipment where children can get stuck or hurt.

Two, supervise your children at all times when on the playground. This will help you recognize any potential hazards and intervene if necessary. Never let your children play on the playground unsupervised, even for a minute.

Three, teach your children how to play safely on the playground. This includes teaching them not to push or shove others, not to run up or down the slide, and to use the equipment properly.

Keep in mind that preventing playground injuries is relatively easier than treating them. So, following these simple tips can go a long way in keeping your children safe and injury-free.

What Are the Safest Pieces of Playground Equipment?

Now that we’ve discussed some general tips for playground safety let’s take a more specific look at the safest playground equipment.

1. Swing Sets

Swing sets are a staple for most playgrounds. And while they can be great fun for children, choosing a suitable swing set can help ensure safety.

As we mentioned earlier, swings that have a bucket seat and are low to the ground tend to be much safer than those that don’t have a bucket seat or are high off the ground. Swings with chains are also generally considered safer than swings with ropes because they are less likely to get tangled.

Girl pouting at the swing set.
Ensure a minimum distance of 30 inches between the seats to prevent collisions.

When choosing a swing set for relatively younger children, ensure that the seat is at least 16 inches wide and that the chains are no more than 12 inches long. Additionally, ensure a minimum distance of 30 inches between the seats to prevent collisions.

2. Slides

Slides are another famous playground equipment that can provide hours of fun for children. However, choosing the right type of slide is vital to ensure safety.

Typically, shorter slides with softer landings are considered safer than taller, steeper ones. When choosing a slide for your children, ensure that it has a gradual incline and is not too tall or steep.

A boy on a slide.
Teach them how to go down the slide properly to avoid injuries.

Additionally, ensure no gaps or spaces between the steps and the slide where children can get stuck.

Don’t forget to supervise your children when they are playing on slides. Also, teach them how to go down the slide properly to avoid injuries.

3. Monkey Bars

Monkey bars can be great fun for children, but they can also pose a safety hazard if they are not used properly.

When choosing monkey bars for your playground, ensure they are not too high. Additionally, place a soft surface underneath the monkey bars in case of a fall.

Like any other playground equipment, ensure to supervise your children when playing on monkey bars and teach them how to use them safely.

Young boy playing at the Monkey Bar.
When choosing monkey bars for your playground, ensure they are not too high.

Please pay close attention to how they move from one bar to the next. If you see them swinging from bar to bar or hanging upside down, intervene to prevent any potential accidents or injuries.

4. Climbing Walls

Another great option when it comes to safe playground equipment is climbing walls. They come in various shapes and sizes, but they all provide a fun challenge for kids while being safe.

Many climbing walls even have cushioned floors underneath in case the kids fall. When choosing a climbing wall for your playground, make sure that it is not too high off the ground and that there is a soft surface underneath it.

Also, check to see if the wall has gaps or spaces between the blocks where kids can get stuck. You must also ensure that the wall is stable and not likely to topple over.

5. Merry-Go-Rounds

Merry-go-rounds can provide hours of fun for children, but be cautious when choosing this type of playground equipment.

Merry-go-rounds that are low to the ground and have a cushioned floor underneath them are much safer than those that don’t have a cushion or are high off the ground.

Kids playing at merry go round.
Ensure the merry-go-round is stable and not likely to topple over.

The minimum distance between the seats should be at least 30 inches to prevent collisions, while chains should not be more than 12 inches long.

Also, ensure the merry-go-round is stable and not likely to topple over. Please pay close attention to how many kids are on the merry-go-round at one time, as too many can make it unstable.

Can a Playground Be Too Safe for Kids?

While choosing safe playground equipment for your children, please don’t make it too safe.

If a playground is too safe, then children can become bored quickly and will not get the opportunity to explore and learn new things. Strike a balance between safety and fun when choosing playground equipment.

To ensure that your playground is safe but still fun, consider adding different pieces of play equipment with a varying range of risks. Add some that are more challenging and require children to use their problem-solving skills.

You can also add some sand or water play elements to make the playground more exciting and stimulating for kids. Ultimately, the goal is to create a playground that is safe but still allows children to explore, play, and have fun.

Does Playground Surfacing Material Impact Safety?

The type of playground surfacing material you choose can also affect safety. While grass and dirt might be the most natural options, they are not always the safest.

Grass can become slippery when wet and hide objects that children could trip on. The soil can also become compacted over time, making it more difficult for children to run and play.

Instead of having natural grass, go for playground surfacing materials designed to be safe such as rubber mulch, wood chips, or sand. These materials are softer, which can help to prevent injuries when children fall on them.

It is also vital to ensure that the playground surfacing material is thick enough. A depth of at least 12 inches is recommended to cushion any falls.

What Are the Most Important Safety Features of Playground Equipment?

Some safety features are more important than others as far as playground equipment is concerned. Some of the main safety features to look for include the following:

  • Impact-absorbing surfacing
  • Guardrails
  • Nets
  • Soft edges
  • No gaps or spaces

These safety features can help prevent playground injuries and ensure children are safe while playing.


When choosing playground equipment for your home or local park, consider safety first. Modified swing sets, climbing walls, and slides are all great options for safe playground equipment.

With so many options on the market, you’re sure to find something your kids will love while keeping your peace of mind knowing they’re safe.

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