The Benefits of Installing a Spinner in Your Playground

Installing a spinner in your playground can offer several benefits for children and enhance their overall play experience. Here are some of the advantages.
A colorful merry go round.

Playground spinners, also known as merry-go-rounds or roundabouts, are popular and engaging play equipment in many playgrounds. They consist of a circular platform that rotates horizontally around a central axis, accommodating multiple children at once. These pieces of equipment are highly beneficial for children since they offer a wide range of physical and mental benefits.

So, what are some of the benefits of installing a spinner in your playground? Spinners encourage children to engage in physical activities, such as pushing, pulling, and running, which help improve their overall fitness and gross motor skills. They encourage sensory stimulation, social interaction, emotional regulation, inclusivity, and cooperation. Spinners can also help children learn the concept of rotation and directionality, which is important for their cognitive development. Additionally, spinners promote balance and coordination by strengthening core muscles.

This blog post discusses the top benefits of installing a spinner in your playground. Read on to learn more.

Playground Spinners: A Quick Overview

Playground spinners, also known as merry-go-rounds, are popular and engaging play equipment found in many playgrounds.

They consist of a circular platform that rotates horizontally around a central axis. These devices are designed to accommodate several children at once.

Playground spinners are typically made of durable metal or high-quality plastic materials. The central axis is often a sturdy pole that connects to the ground, providing stability and support.

Kids on a merry go round.
These devices are designed to accommodate several children at once.

The circular platform is usually perforated with holes or covered with anti-slip materials to ensure a safe footing for the children.

They come in different sizes to suit different age groups and playground spaces. Larger spinners can accommodate more children, making them ideal for busy playgrounds or areas with many users.

They are also designed to offer varying speeds of rotation. Some models rotate smoothly and slowly, while others spin faster, providing a thrilling experience for older children.

Modern playground spinners are designed with safety in mind. They feature safety rails or bars around the perimeter to prevent children from accidentally falling off during play. Furthermore, some spinners have speed governors or dampening mechanisms to control the rotation speed and reduce the risk of accidents.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Spinner in Your Playground?

Now that you have a better understanding of what playground spinners are, let’s take a look at the benefits of installing one in your playground:

1. Promotes Physical Exercise

Spinners encourage children to engage in physical activities such as running, jumping, and pushing and pulling, which helps improve their overall fitness and gross motor skills.

As children push, pull, and run to initiate the spinner’s rotation, they engage in a form of aerobic exercise that elevates their heart rate, contributing to better cardiovascular health.

Since spinning involves using various muscle groups, such as the arms, legs, and core, it can improve muscle strength and endurance.

Furthermore, maneuvering the spinner requires fine-tuned coordination and balance, allowing children to enhance their gross motor skills and body control.

Such dynamic play on the spinner contributes to healthy bone development during childhood, fostering strong bones.

A Kid pushing the merry go round.
Spinning involves using various muscle groups, such as the arms, legs, and core, it can improve muscle strength and endurance.

Moreover, the physical exertion involved in spinner play burns calories, promoting weight management and reducing the risk of childhood obesity.

Active play on the spinner provides an excellent outlet for children to release excess energy, which can be particularly beneficial for those with hyperactivity.

2. Social Interaction

Spinners offer a unique way for children to interact with one another. As kids join hands and take turns pushing the spinner, it encourages them to work together as a team to achieve a common goal.

The physical contact that comes with riding the spinner promotes social bonding between children as they cooperate with each other to maintain balance and control the speed of rotation.

Furthermore, spinners can accommodate several children at once, allowing them to interact and socialize as they enjoy spinning around. This encourages inclusive play and can help foster emotional regulation skills in children.

3. Balance and Coordination

In addition to promoting physical exercise, playground spinners offer the advantage of enhancing balance and coordination in children.

As they spin, children are required to maintain equilibrium, leading to the development and refinement of their coordination skills.

They learn to adjust their body position and make small movements to stay balanced, contributing to better overall coordination.

Moreover, the spinning motion of the playground spinner provides vestibular stimulation, which is essential for a child’s sense of balance and spatial orientation.

This stimulation helps children better understand their body’s position in relation to the surrounding environment.

Three kids on a merry go round.
Children are required to maintain equilibrium, leading to the development and refinement of their coordination skills.

As children repeatedly challenge their balance and coordination while enjoying the spinner’s movement, they gradually improve their motor skills and body awareness.

The enhanced abilities not only benefit them during play but also carry over to other physical activities and everyday tasks, contributing to their growth and development in a holistic manner.

Furthermore, the engaging nature of the spinner encourages children to actively participate and persevere in refining their balance and coordination, making the playground experience enjoyable and rewarding.

By providing a unique and stimulating way to work on these skills, the playground spinner becomes a valuable addition to any play area, fostering physical and cognitive growth in children.

4. Cognitive Development

Spinners also offer educational benefits for kids. The dynamic play on the spinner helps promote cognitive development by teaching kids the concept of rotation and directionality.

Children learn to calculate speed and distance as they observe the spinning motion and experiment with pushing, pulling, and maneuvering the spinner. This helps them develop a better understanding of spatial orientation and visual-motor coordination.

Moreover, children can practice problem-solving skills by engaging in play on the spinner alongside their peers.

They learn to cooperate with other kids and work as a team to achieve a common goal, developing communication and collaboration abilities.

Overall, playground spinners provide an immersive environment for learning and exploration that encourages children to explore their interests while honing their cognitive skills.

5. Instills Healthy Habits in Children

Another notable benefit of installing a spinner in your playground is instilling healthy habits in children.

Encouraging physical activity through spinners helps establish positive routines and behaviors from a young age.

When children engage in active play on the spinner, they experience the joy and benefits of being physically active, which can create a positive association with exercise.

As they grow accustomed to regular physical activity on the playground, they are more likely to seek opportunities for play and movement in other areas of their lives.

Kids on a merry go round.
Children engage in active play on the spinner, they experience the joy and benefits of being physically active

This sets the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of active lifestyles and the understanding that physical activity can be both enjoyable and rewarding.

Furthermore, as children witness their peers and role models actively participate in spinner play, they are encouraged to join in and share the excitement.

The social aspect of play further reinforces the formation of healthy habits, as children engage in physical activities together, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

6. Promotes Inclusive Play

Spinners can provide an inclusive play experience for all children regardless of their physical and mental abilities.

With adjustable settings and multiple handholds, spinners can be adapted to each user’s abilities, allowing them to participate in active play regardless of physical limitations or disabilities.

This enables children with various needs to join in the fun without feeling excluded or left out.

Moreover, the unique design of spinners allows them to accommodate multiple users at once, providing an interactive and engaging way for children with different abilities to play together.

The inclusive atmosphere from spinner play can help teach kids the importance of collaboration and acceptance while developing a sense of camaraderie in the playground.

7. Enhanced Creativity

Finally, spinners allow children to express their creativity in innovative ways.

The open-ended play that comes with the spinner allows kids to explore their imagination and develop unique ideas for movement and problem-solving.

Additionally, when used as part of a larger creative endeavor, spinners can help inspire children to think outside the box and come up with inventive solutions for complex challenges.

This promotes creative problem-solving, encouraging children to develop their own imaginative solutions for everyday tasks.

Kids sitting on a merry go round.
Spinners allow children to express their creativity in innovative ways.

Furthermore, the spinning motion of the spinner can help stimulate artistic expression in kids, allowing them to explore a range of creative possibilities that they may not have been able to consider before.

It also provides an opportunity for creative collaboration between children, providing the perfect platform for teamwork and group problem-solving.


Overall, spinners can be a highly beneficial addition to any playground, offering numerous physical, cognitive, and emotional benefits for children of all ages.

Whether used as part of an individual play session or in a team project, spinners provide an engaging way for kids to develop their skills and explore their interests.

From promoting motor development to fostering inclusive play, spinners can help create a safe and fun environment for learning and creativity.

With the right approach, these playground features can become integral to any child’s growth and development.

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