Top 10 Recommended Playground Equipment for Home

Backyard playgrounds allow kids to spend more time outdoors and such activities are critical for their development and growth. Here are 10 recommended equipment pieces to incorporate into your home playground and keep your kids active during the day.

Playgrounds are an essential part of childhood. They can make or break a child’s day-to-day happiness and have even been proven to help develop motor skills and creativity. However, not every home has the luxury of space for a large backyard suitable for a large playground. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the recommended playground equipment that can be used almost anywhere in your home.

So, what are some of the recommended playground equipment for home? Simple slides, monkey bars, and swings can all be used in a home setting. These pieces of equipment help teach children how to navigate their surroundings while developing physical skills such as balance, coordination, motor control, and strength. The other playground equipment for home includes playhouses, trampolines, and merry-go-rounds.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about recommended playground equipment for home.

What Are the Benefits of a Home Playground?

Before we dive deep into our discussion, it is essential to highlight some of the critical benefits of a home playground.

Children who spend time outdoors on a daily basis develop stronger immune systems, better problem-solving skills, and less anxiety. The importance of outdoor play cannot be overstated – it has been proven to help develop motor skills and creativity in children!

Studies have also shown that children who play on their own time outside are more likely to be creative, more social, less aggressive, smarter, and healthier overall!

Additionally, a home playground provides your kids with a great way to get outside and play in the fresh air – they’re more active, less likely to have asthma attacks, allergies and less likely to get bored.

Although not everyone has room for a backyard, with apartment living becoming increasingly popular, it’s not always easy to find sufficient space for outdoor play. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own playground in your home!

As long as you can organize your home properly and get everything in order, you can always create some play space where your kids can have fun and learn many things.

Top 10 Recommended Playground Equipment for Home

Now that you understand the importance of a home playground, let us discuss some of the recommended playground equipment for the home.

1. Slides

The simplest of all recommended playground equipment at this point would be slides.

Slides are a great way to have fun while teaching children how to navigate their surroundings and develop motor skills such as balance, coordination, strength, and more!

Plus, they’re really easy to set up with no hassle or fuss whatsoever – making them excellent for a home playground.

Slides teach the kids how to navigate their surroundings and promote the development of motor skills.

It only takes a few minutes to set up a slide in your backyard, and you can even use the ground as an incline to make it more challenging.

A basic playground will have two different kinds of slides – one that’s straight down and another with bumps on it! Both are great for children who love speed or those who want to build their skills slowly.

2. Monkey Bars

Another recommended piece of playground equipment is the monkey bars. This provides challenges in grip strength as well as physical dexterity.

The monkey bars are great for children who want to develop their motor skills and challenge themselves in a new way.

Monkey bars improve kids’ grip strength and help them develop numerous motor skills.

These pieces of equipment can be set up anywhere, even using the furniture in your house as obstacles!

To get the best out of your monkey bar, ensure that it’s at least six feet high for safety. It should also be stable, and always keep a close eye on your little ones while they are playing on it.

3. Swing Sets

Swing sets are also a great piece of recommended playground equipment for home. They allow children to play and enjoy themselves while learning how to balance their weight, develop muscle strength in arms and legs, and improve coordination.

A swing set is excellent for a home playground as you can easily add an extra bar to the two swings that come with it. This provides more challenges in terms of balance and physical agility, helping children develop their skills even further!

A good swing set will have a slide, monkey bar, and at least one other kind of play equipment. Swing sets are available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and materials, which means that you’ll find one that suits your needs perfectly.

4. Merry-Go-Round (Carousel)

Another excellent piece of playground equipment is the merry-go-round which provides children with physical activity as well as learning how to share space with others!

This is because you will need two or more people to play on a merry-go-round – and it’s more difficult to do than most would think.

It is also great for children who need help with their balance or coordination, as they can practice these skills while having fun!

5. Playhouse

Another piece of recommended play equipment for your home would be a playhouse! These are great for children who love to play and are excellent for encouraging creativity in your little one.

Playhouses come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors – and are also relatively easy on the budget!

A typical playhouse will have a staircase and door, as well as a few windows for decoration.

Playhouses are excellent in terms of both aesthetics and functionality, making them one of the best pieces of playground equipment you can get!

6. Climbing Frames

Another piece of recommended play equipment is climbing frames, which provide children with an opportunity to explore their surroundings while developing important skills.

Climbing equipment improves kids’ abilities to coordinate and balance their bodies.

Climbing frames are excellent for children who need help with their balance or coordination, as they can practice these skills and improve them at the same time!

This piece of play equipment is also great for those who love to explore – and you’ll find that there’s a lot more on offer than just monkey bars! You can get climbing frames with slides, bridges, and much more!

7. Trampoline

Another piece of playground equipment you should consider for your home is a trampoline. These are absolutely excellent for getting children’s physical activity levels up – making them an ideal choice if you want to provide your kids with the opportunity to be active without having to leave the house!

Trampolines provide children with a great way to improve their balance and coordination, as well as to get them out of the house for some much-needed exercise.

Furthermore, trampolines are an excellent choice if you’re looking at ways to improve your child’s level of self-confidence – because they’ll be able to start and complete a task they enjoy!

8. Sandbox

A sandbox is another excellent piece of playground equipment for home. They offer children an opportunity to build their creativity and imagination, as well as improve on motor skills!

Sandboxes are ideal for expanding your kids’ imagination and creative thinking skills.

Sandboxes are also great because they can be used indoors or outdoors – meaning you’ll never get bored with the same old game!

The sandbox is a classic toy that has been around since time immemorial – and there’s a reason for that! It is well known that children have an incredible imagination and love to explore. Therefore, a sandbox provides them with an incredible platform to build all sorts of things.

9. TreeHouse

A treehouse is a great option if you don’t have a big backyard in your home. They’re fantastic for children who love to play outside, as they can get all of their outdoor needs met within the confines of a home.

A treehouse is also incredible if you want your child to have an imaginative space – where they can come up with stories and adventures!

Treehouses are excellent because while there’s no limit on what you can do inside them, they’re still enclosed – meaning that your child has some form of safety.

Treehouses are also great for children who love to explore the outdoors! They’ll be able to look out over their surroundings and play in a space all by themselves; it’s just like being an adventurer without having to leave home!

10. Ball Pit

Ball pits can serve as a learning experience in addition to simply being fun. Kids will have the opportunity to explore while playing by themselves or with others, looking at shapes, colors, and patterns all around them.

Ball pits are also great for children who are just learning to walk, as they can crawl inside and play with the balls! This allows you to focus on other things as your little one plays.

Moreover, ball pits provide parents with a safe way of entertaining their little ones while still keeping an eye on them.

Final Thought

Home playgrounds are a great way to get kids outside, exercising and having fun. They can also be used as an extension of the living room or kitchen when you need a break from your children.

We’ve compiled this list of ten recommended playground equipment that will make any home feel like a true world-class playground–or even better!

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