Top 10 Things To Know When Buying a Basketball Hoop

Basketball hoops should be about fun and enjoyment for the whole family. You can use it for impromptu games with friends and family, as well as serious practice to improve your game. Below, we'll share important things to consider when buying a basketball hoop.

It’s always important to find beneficial opportunities, even if it’s in the comfort of your home. And one regular exercise you can easily get into at home is spending your free time shooting hoops. Basketball hoops are a great way to improve your shooting skills and have some fun.

However, it can be tough to find the best basketball hoop for your home. You want something that will be beneficial for you and fit in with the space you have available. You have to consider several things such as the type, your space availability, portability, and the parts.

This guide will walk you through the different factors you need to consider when choosing a basketball hoop for your home. Plus, this guide includes information on different types of hoops.

Types of Basketball Hoops

Portable Basketball Hoops

If you’re looking for cheaper basketball hoops, a portable basketball hoop is good. These hoops are easy to move around and set up, so they’re perfect for people who don’t have a lot of space or who want to be able to take their hoop with them when they travel. These hoops are stabilized with water or sand.

A portable basketball hoop and soccer goal.
These hoops are easy to move around and set up.

Water and sand make them difficult to get dunked on. Plus, they’re a great solution for situations where mounting a goal inground is impossible. On the downside, they may be at risk of damage from garbage collectors.

Wall Mounted Hoops

Wall mounted hoops are a more permanent solution and tend to be more expensive. However, they offer stability and can usually be customized to fit the specific needs of the user. For example, they can be angled to adjust for shot difficulty. Wall mounted hoops also take up less space than portable hoops.

They should be installed by a qualified professional to ensure the safety and structural integrity of the wall to which it’s being mounted. Wall mounts come in an adjustable version that allows you to change heights and fixed that keeps the hoop affixed and rigid.

Direct Burial In-Ground

These are basketball hoops with posts that are cemented directly into the ground. They provide much more stability than portable goals, and you can commonly find them in commercial parks, where there’s no need for height adjustments. On the downside, you cannot move it once installed.

In-Ground Semi Portable

Semi portable basketball hoops are mounted onto a completely separate anchor system cemented into the ground. This provides the same stability as a direct burial post while allowing the goal to be moved to a new location. A new anchor kit is only needed and not an entire basketball system. Most residential high-end hoops have moved to this system, thanks to its ease of installation and portability when moving.

A outdoor basketball hoop.
This provides the same stability as a direct burial post while allowing the goal to be moved to a new location.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Basketball Hoop


Basketball hoops are meant to last for years with regular use. It’s important that you purchase one that will withstand the test of time. You’ll also want to make sure that the hoop can handle the weight of players and the ball. Stability and weight capacity are two important factors to consider when purchasing a basketball hoop.

When kids use this sports equipment on your patio, you’ll need a simple system that allows you to lower that basketball goal height. On the other hand, if teenagers, men or women, will be using the goal for aggressive recreation or team sports, then you’ll need a system that can be easily height-adjusted.

Consider the Range of Adjustability

The height of a basketball hoop can be adjusted to fit the needs of different players. If you have children who will be using the goal, then you’ll need a system that can be easily height-adjusted. Your equipment also needs to hold up to the elements, especially wind. Before buying, you need to ask questions such as what is the range of height adjustment.

A basketball hoop.
Keep the age and ability of your players when considering adjustability.

You can also inquire about the adjustment mechanism and how easy it’s to change the rim height as you don’t need to use special tools or stand on a table to adjust the height of the goal. Also, keep the age and ability of your players when considering adjustability.

Ease of Portability

Another factor you need to consider is how portable the goal is. If you plan on moving it around often, then you’ll want a goal that’s lightweight and easy to fold up. Conversely, portability isn’t as important if you’re planning on leaving the goal in one spot.

Portable basketball goals are self-contained units that are not installed in one place, like inground basketball goals. So, you can move them from one spot to another without any installation hassles. They usually have a fold-up design for easy storage and transportation. However, if your basketball goal is not portable, it doesn’t mean that it’s difficult to move. Virtually all in-ground basketball goals can be moved by two people with some effort.

Look Out for Basketball Background

When shopping for a basketball hoop, be sure to consider the type of surface you will be playing on. Not all goals are suited for all surfaces. For instance, if you plan to play on grass, you’ll want to get a goal with a wheeled base. On the other hand, if you’re going to use your goal indoors on a hard surface, you can get away with a goal that doesn’t have wheels.

A basketball backboard flat can be made from tempered glass polycarbonate or acrylic materials. Acrylic backboards are available at a lower price and are lighter than other materials. On the other hand, polycarbonate materials are very durable, making it a perfect pick if you want something that will last for a long time.

Lastly, tempered glass is the best pick because it is the most shatter-resistant material, and it’s used even at the pro levels. However, it is also the most expensive option.

Location Availability

When it comes to the location where you will place your basketball hoop, check out the area you plan on using for playing, make sure you have a flat and paved space so that you can avoid injuries. You should go for your driveway if you have one because that is the perfect spot for practicing your shots.

Adjustable basketball hoop on the basketball court
The only thing to take into account is that the surface should be flat so that the players don’t trip on uneven ground.

If you don’t have a driveway, you can place it in your backyard or any other open space. The only thing to take into account is that the surface should be flat so that the players don’t trip on uneven ground and hurt themselves while playing. There may be safety concerns if you place it on the sidewalk or street. It might also not be allowed in your neighborhood, or you may have to ask for permission first.

Consider the Type of the Basketball Hoop

When choosing a basketball hoop, you need to consider the type. There are three types to choose from portable, in-ground, to wall-mounted. The portable type is the most popular because it is easy to move around. It is also the cheapest option.

The portable type comes with wheels, so you can quickly move them around to fit your game best. They also come with an adjustable height, even younger players can enjoy the game. There is also an inground hoop secured to the ground with cement, making it a good option if you want a permanent solution.

A basketball hoop.
The portable type is the most popular because it is easy to move around. It is also the cheapest option.

Inground hoops also have adjustable height settings, so different players of varying ages and skill levels can use them. Lastly, you can also purchase wall-mounted hoops. These are mounted against a structure, whether an exterior wall or garage. They offer superior stability and are perfect for players who lack enough space.

Consider Other Parts of the Basketball Hoop

You would also want to consider other parts of the basketball hoop. Start by deciding the diameter of the basketball rims. The standard is 18 inches, but there are others that you can choose from. Also, think about the poles, which can be square or round. Finalize by picking out the bases. The base you pick must be sturdy to withstand constant movement, especially with the impact and pressure of dunks.

Check on the Warranty

Last but not least, make sure you search the type of warranty included before making a purchase. Is it one year, five years or a lifetime? Pay close attention to which parts are warranted and for how long? This will be important information to have when making your decision. It will also give you a good indication of the quality of the hoop and its intended longevity.

FAQs on What to Know When Buying a Basketball Hoop

What type of backboard does the NBA use?

The NBA uses tempered glass. All the backboards used in high school and college all have tempered glass because of how strong they are. Even if the ball hits it at full speed, the glass will not shatter. However, if you are using an outdoor hoop and are not using tempered glass, make sure to use a shatterproof backboard.

How can I increase the height of my basketball hoop?

If you have an adjustable basketball hoop, you can easily increase the height. All you have to do is loosen the bolts on the pole and adjust them to the desired height. However, if your basketball hoop is not adjustable, you will need to buy a taller pole.

Can acrylic backboards break?

Acrylic basketball backboards are more shatter-resistant than glass. The thickness of acrylic can greatly affect its performance and price. Thinner acrylic can give under the pressure of the basketball, which can change the angle of the rebound.

Final Verdict

Having a basketball hoop at home is a great way to improve your game. Whether you have an adjustable hoop or need to purchase a taller pole, make sure you get one that will fit your needs. This way, you can greatly enjoy your own free time. And if you’re feeling competitive, invite some friends over to have a little one-on-one action.

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