Where Is the Best Place to Buy a Swing Set?

While you can purchase a swing set on Amazon, Craiglist, and manufacturer websites, you should also consider shopping in local home improvement and toy stores. Here are some tips on where to buy the best swing set for your kids.

Adding a swing set to your backyard playground is an incredible way of creating more fun for your kids.  However, finding the best swing set that fits your budget and needs may not be as simple as you think. Keep in mind that you are not just going to walk into any store and pick up the first thing you see. You need to conduct thorough research and compare different swing sets before you make up your mind

So, where is the best place to buy a swing set? There are different places that you can find quality swing sets at relatively affordable prices. They include Amazon, toy stores, craigslist, manufacturer websites, home improvement stores, and department stores. No matter where you decide to purchase your swing set, take time to compare different options and choose a swing set that fits your style and budget.

Keep reading to learn more about the best places to search and purchase the best swing set for your kids.

1. Amazon

Amazon is the biggest online marketplace where you can purchase almost anything you want, including swing sets.  The platform attracts a massive number of online shoppers thanks to its low pricing, convenience, and free shipping to specific locations within and outside the United States.

With Amazon, you will have an option to choose your swing set from a huge selection of swing sets posted by different sellers. In most cases, you will always have a minimum of ten different brands to compare and contrast before making up your mind. This makes your work a little bit easier when it comes to finding exactly what you need.

A amazon display on a mobile phone.
Amazon offers a large variety of swing set types and brands you can choose from.

While many other online shopping platforms charge an extra shipping cost and take relatively long to deliver purchased products, Amazon offers the best shipping cost and speed. If you want your swing set within a day or a few days, they’ll make it happen.

Furthermore, Amazon is a highly trusted online shopping site with a large base of users. Most items have helpful customer reviews and product photos to help you decide which swing set is ideal for you.

You can easily find swing sets of all shapes, sizes, and colors on Amazon. The only downside of shopping on Amazon is that you may be forced to wait for a couple of days before your swing set is delivered if you are shopping from abroad.

When shopping on Amazon, the best saving tip is to look around for discounts and promotions from sellers providing free shipping or wait for the platform’s regular sales, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

2. Toy Stores

Although physical toy stores are becoming a thing of the past, some still exist and are doing pretty well. Most toy stores stock a wide range of kid’s playing equipment, including swing sets, monkey bars, slides, and so on.

One of the biggest benefits of shopping at your local toy store is that you will get a chance to enjoy personalized service and excellent customer service. These stores can’t afford to offer subpar service because they understand the impact of one negative review of the store.

A woman hugging a bear.
If you are not a huge fan of online shopping, consider purchasing a swing set in a local toy store.

At your local toy store, you will be served with people who rely on excellent customer service to thrive, not a big name. This is particularly important when buying a swing set because you will receive an unbiased review of what is in stock to help you make an informed decision.

Furthermore, purchasing the swing set from your local play store is a way of boosting your local economy because the money stays within the community. Research shows that buying goods and services locally boosts the local economy up to four times than shipping out of town does.

You will also find a wide range of unique swing sets at your local toy store because most of these stores thrive on their character and uniqueness. Most of them tend to offer specialty and rare items to attract customers. That makes it relatively easy to find something unique for your backyard playground.

Buying a swing set from your local toy store also presents you with an incredible opportunity to see it in action first. 

For the saving tip, be sure to take advantage of their promotions and discounts. Most of these stores usually have a big sales week where they cut prices for certain items that aren’t selling so well. This can be a perfect time to buy something like a swing set.

3. Manufacturer Website

Another great place to buy swing sets is directly from manufacturer websites. Most of the leading playground equipment manufacturers sell swing sets directly to the public at an affordable rate. In fact, buying directly from the manufacturer provides you with a direct line of communication that is accountable to you all the time.

You will know who to contact in case there is something wrong with your unit, which reduces confusion. Furthermore, there will be no one in the middle of your communication to potentially misinterpret your messages to the manufacturer.

A red and yellow slide.
You will have direct interaction with companies when purchasing a swing set from manufacturer websites.

Manufacturers offer excellent customer service that you will rarely get somewhere else. Direct access to the manufacturer provides you with an incredible opportunity to ask for recommendations and optimize your swing set usage for better results.

If you wish to have certain modifications on your unit to suit your needs, it becomes even easier.

Some of the leading swing set manufacturers that sell directly to the public include American Swing, the Swing Center, Rainbow Play, Backyard Discovery, Creative Things, Playground One, and Kings Swing Sets.

The best way to save money if you are buying directly from a manufacturer is to look for deals during winter when people aren’t buying swing sets as often. It is also possible to find amazing discounts on the previous years’ models of swing sets.

4. Home Improvement Stores

In the past, it was relatively easy to find quality swing sets at typical home improvement stores such as Home Depot. However, things have changed, and that is no longer the case. But, you can still find a good-quality swing set or swing set accessories in your local home improvement store.

Compared to the other options discussed in this article, purchasing from a home improvement store provides you with one of the most cost-effective ways to buy a swing set.

By purchasing your swing set from your local home improvement store, you will not only cut costs by not having to pay shipping costs, but you will also enjoy excellent customer service.

You will be guided through the different swing set models, shapes, and sizes so you can make an informed decision.

A toddler on a swing.
It was relatively easy to find quality swing sets at typical home improvement stores such as Home Depot.

Having that kind of convenience can save you a lot of time and stress in the long run. Most home improvement stores will have an in-house professional installer who will help you assemble the swing set in your backyard if you can’t do it yourself.

If you are looking to save money when buying from a home improvement store, consider purchasing a swing set kit from the store and buy the wood separately if you are comfortable with power tools and don’t mind taking on a construction challenge.

The only downside of purchasing a swing set from a home improvement store is that you may be quite limited when it comes to the options you can choose from.

5. Craigslist

You have probably heard about Craigslist if you have ever considered buying a secondhand item in your local area. Unlike Amazon, which only sells brand new items, Craigslist specializes in matching people looking for secondhand items to sellers.

So, if your budget is a little bit tight and you are considering purchasing a secondhand swing set, this is a perfect place to start your search. While this is an excellent way to find a great deal on a swing set, you need to be careful before making any payment to a potential seller.

A kid on a slide having fun.
If you are looking for a used swing set for a cheaper price, Craiglist would be the best option.

Ask to see clear photos of the swing set and evaluate them to see if it is still in good condition. If you are satisfied with it, inquire about the payment process and the shipping cost.

The good thing is that you don’t have to pay any shipping fee or even drive a long distance to pick up your secondhand swing set if you find a seller within your local area.

With Craigslist, your bargaining power will determine how much money you save on your swing set. So, don’t be afraid to haggle with sellers because these are people looking to dispose off the items from their homes.

The biggest downside of using Craigslist is that you need to find a big enough vehicle to transport a pre-constructed swing set or playset.


As you can see, there are many places you can find a swing set for your little ones to enjoy. Don’t feel limited with this list in any way because we haven’t exhausted everything.

Instead, let it serve as the perfect starting place to help you get started if you don’t know where to look for a swing set. From there, expand your horizons further in search of your dream swing set.

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