Which Adult Playground Equipment Should You Add to Your Collection?

Adding adult playground equipment to your collection can provide a fun and engaging outdoor space for adults to exercise and enjoy recreational activities. Here are some popular options to consider.
Woman exercising on the playground.

Many adults today are not physically active. Some of them find the gym boring and intimidating, while gym membership might not be an option for others. An adult playground could be an excellent alternative. Adult playgrounds offer enjoyable ways for adults to exercise and socialize in a setting less structured than a gym. These playgrounds make you feel like a child again and help you live a healthy lifestyle.

But which adult playground equipment can you add to your collection? You have unlimited options when it comes to adult playground equipment. You can add swings, slides, climbing walls, parkours, monkey bars, arc ladder/arc traverse, press station, dip and leg raise station, cargo nets, and a zip line.

This post discusses adult playground equipment in detail. Read on to discover how to use them and how they can help improve your physical fitness.

Tips for Adding Adult Playground Equipment

Before looking at the types of equipment to add to an adult playground, let’s explore factors you should consider to make this exciting journey a success. Follow these tips:

·         Choose long-lasting, low-maintenance equipment

Some playground equipment has moving parts that may need regular lubrication and other maintenance to function properly.

Go for simple and long-lasting equipment that can work well in an outdoor environment. Static equipment allows users to try many exercises without needing a pulley system or electronics.

·         Get a variety

Variety is key when constructing an adult playground or fitness park. Everybody brings different skills and limitations to the playground. 

Try accommodating all these skill levels by providing several equipment options. Variety also makes the place fun, encouraging people to hang around and work out for longer. 

They can also benefit from an intensive workout that enables them to build various muscle groups and engage in high- and low-intensity exercises.

·         Include simple instructions for use

Some adults may have no idea how to use certain equipment or might be unaware of other ways to exercise using the same equipment.

Simple instructions, such as a graphical diagram, can help. 

Have a sign for each piece of equipment showing visitors what to do. Of course, they can devise their own way of doing it to match their abilities and goals if they use it safely. 

·         Raise community awareness

To maximize the use of your new adult playground, raise awareness across the community. 

Parents and other caregivers could visit it over another nearby if yours has family-friendly equipment and ambiance. 

If your playground is meant for a private community, advertise this bonus to attract residents who want outdoor fun and exercise without traveling far. 

Which Adult Playground Equipment Should You Add to Your Collection?

Now that you know what to do to have a functional adult playground, here are ten pieces of equipment you can add to your collection.

1. Swings

Playing on the swings, with your legs above the ground and the wind blowing your hair, as a child, felt so good. Right?

You would probably feel the same now as an adult, but there’s an added advantage to all that fun. When flying in the air like a free bird, you are also exercising your abs and arms.

A girl on a round swing set.
When flying in the air like a free bird, you are also exercising your abs and arms.

You can burn around 100 calories if you swing for 20 minutes. Moreover, you can use the swing set for more conventional strength training.

To switch things up, try doing a plank pose while holding onto the seat, or try doing knee lifts standing on the seat while maintaining balance.

2. Slides

An adult playground can have a slide, too. Sliding down is fun, which is the point of installing it at an adult playground.

But here’s the catch – whenever you climb back for another ride, you work out your calves, whether climbing a ladder or walking up the slide.

Take note of your arms when climbing. Avoid pulling yourself up or leaning on your arms as you climb to achieve a good lower-body climbing workout.

Instead, get your leg and core muscles to do the work.

3. Climbing walls

Climbing is an incredible exercise. But when was the last time you climbed anything other than stairs?

Outdoor and indoor climbing walls offer the same benefits as rock climbing, albeit in a safer and beginner-friendly environment.

As you climb a rock wall, you work out every muscle in your body, from upper arms to shoulders, abs, and calves.

Climbing walls have been in indoor gyms for years, but breathing fresh air while working out can be thrilling.

A man climbing wall.
Climbing is an incredible exercise.

A climbing wall should not intimidate you, regardless of your skill level when you start.

Although climbing walls will give you a good workout, their benefits go beyond physical. Climbing helps build muscle strength, agility, endurance, and flexibility, but strategizing each move also sharpens your mental focus.

4. Parkour and obstacle courses

Navigating an obstacle course helps tone your muscles and boosts your balance and confidence.

Adult-focused courses should be challenging and have obstacles for agility training, climbing ropes or nets, tunnels to crawl through, vertical and horizontal climbing bars, and balancing beams.

If you want something more thrilling than the balancing beam, try parkour.

Although it looks like acrobatics, parkour shifts the obstacle course from the balancing beam and climbing ropes to a location near you, such as a downtown metropolitan area or a local park.

You will be forced to maneuver past benches, fountains, and other obstacles by jumping, running, climbing, and balancing.

5. Monkey bars

Monkey bars are not just for kids. Adults can also enjoy a wonderful workout using monkey bars customized for them.

Going over the monkey bars with your arms, with your body dangling below you, is a difficult workout that builds your arm and shoulder strength.

A woman pullups on a monkey bar.
Adults can also enjoy a wonderful workout using monkey bars customized for them.

It also improves grip strength in addition to balance and coordination.

The monkey bar is a versatile piece of equipment – you can do over 20 exercises to target particular muscle areas.

6. Arc ladder and arc traverse

The arc ladder is concave. You can try many kinds of workouts on this equipment.

The arc ladder is also great for stretching because you can hook your foot over a rung, hold an overhead bar, and then drag yourself down to stretch your arms.

The arc traverse resembles monkey bars. The key difference is that with the arc traverse, you move from side to side on the bars instead of facing forward.

This exercise works your arm and chest muscles. It also improves grip strength.

7. Press station

Pushups are common for toning the upper body, lower back, and core.Standing pushups are an excellent alternative since some people find traditional pushups difficult.

Standing pushups provide the same workout that is less strenuous overall and easier on the joints.

The press station is perfect for standing pushups since you may hold the handles at the right height, stand on your feet, and raise and lower your arms.

But you can do more with a press station. You can do side planks by standing beside the press station while facing forward.

Grasp the handle with the hand closest to the station, stretch the other arm out, and keep your body stiff. This exercise works out your arms and core.

8. Dip and leg raise station

A dip station is a simple and enjoyable exercise equipment for strengthening the arms. It comprises two parallel bars supported by a vertical pole.

When using a dip station, you grasp both bars and lift yourself off the ground by stretching your arms and lowering them down again.

A woman exercising on the playground.
They also work the upper body and core.

This workout, also called a dip, is recommended to build upper body strength. 

You can also lie on the concave seatback of this equipment as you hold on to the sidebars and raise and lower your legs but keep them straight.

Leg raises are a great exercise for strengthening the legs, especially the hamstrings and hip flexors. They also work the upper body and core.

9. Cargo nets

A cargo net is a fun piece of equipment for climbing workouts. These nets are held firm by a strong frame, yet they are so loose that it takes effort from you as the user to maintain balance.

A kid climbing at the cargo net.
A cargo net is a fun piece of equipment for climbing workouts.

There are two sizes of cargo nets – a five-foot net and a 10-foot net. You can climb both vertically and horizontally using the bigger one.

Both alternatives are simple and offer excellent balance practice, making them a perfect addition to any adult playground space.

10. Ziplines

You have been navigating obstacle courses with bridges, swing sets, slides, and nets. Now imagine doing the same suspended in the woods.

An aerial adventure course often includes zip lines, swings and slides, suspended bridges, and everything else that makes up a tree canopy.

The good thing is that you also get a good workout as you whizz along a zip line. Suspended obstacle courses boost your upper body strength because navigating them challenges you to lift your body weight.

They also exercise your core muscles, and a strong core translates to better posture, fewer backaches, better balance, and reduced risk of falls.

Final Thoughts

Adult playgrounds are not a new thing. They have existed for a long time and provide enjoyable ways for adults to exercise and socialize.

They are less structured than a gym, and the equipment is easy to use. Overall, these playgrounds help adults lead a healthy lifestyle.

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