Why Do Cats Love Outdoor Enclosures & How To Make One

Cats love freedom, and some cats think an outdoor enclosure is their personal kingdom. They love to sunbathe and play, climb on wooden platforms, use cat-sized sandboxes, eat from a bowl of their favorite food while they watch birds in the trees outside, perch on shelves, or hide under bushes.

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There is no denying that the outdoor ambiance brings with it some good vibes. Everyone, including pets,  love spending time outdoors. If you’re a cat owner, you may have asked yourself, “Do cats love outdoor enclosures?”

The answer is yes, cats definitely do love outdoor enclosures. Just like their human counterparts, cats enjoy basking in the sun and taking in all the sights and sounds of nature. And what’s not to love about an enclosure that is specifically designed for them, complete with all the amenities they need?

Outdoor enclosures provide cats with a sense of security and safety, while also giving them the opportunity to explore their natural instincts. So, if you’re looking for a way to give your cat a little more freedom, an outdoor enclosure is definitely worth considering.

Benefits of Outdoor Enclosures to Cats

There are several benefits that catios or cat enclosures bring to cats. Outdoor cat enclosures give you the best of both worlds on a budget without the headaches of a DIY solution. Here are the benefits of an outdoor cat enclosure:

Gives Your Cat Space to Play and Explore

Cats love to play and explore, and an outdoor cat enclosure gives them the perfect place to do just that. With plenty of space to run around and plenty of places to hide, your cat will never be bored in their enclosure. 

An outdoor enclosure lets your felines take in the fresh smells of the outdoors and gives them plenty of space for frolicking. Make sure you keep the enclosure stocked with cat toys and provide vertical space to make it the best gift your pet friend can ever imagine.

Keeps Your Cat Safe from Potential Hazards

There are many potential hazards that your cat could encounter if they were to roam free outdoors. Cars, other animals, and harsh weather conditions can all pose a threat to your feline friend. An outdoor enclosure gives them a safe space to play without having to worry about these dangers.

Cat reaching paws outdoors.
By keeping your cat in an outdoor enclosure, you can help protect them from these potential health risks 

In addition, diseases such as the Feline Immunodeficiency virus, fleas, and other parasites are commonly found in outdoor cats. By keeping your cat in an outdoor enclosure, you can help protect them from these potential health risks 

Keep Your Cat Healthy and Safe

Also, giving your cat a space to play will keep it healthy and fit, but there’s more to an outdoor enclosure than just exercise. A well-placed cat enclosure will let your kitty bask in the sunlight and give it essential Vitamin D. The best part of keeping your cat in a controlled environment and out of the neighbor’s rubbish or vegetable garden will keep its coat looking clean and beautiful 

Also, note that even the most friendly cat is actually quite introverted and has a need to feel in control of its own space. Without a private space to hide, they may suffer unnecessary anxiety. An outdoor enclosure gives your cat a place to feel safe and relaxed – especially when you’re not at home. Your cat can lounge in this enclosure safely without those annoying humans watching their every move.

Manages Behavioral Issues

If your cat is having behavioral issues, an outdoor enclosure can be a great way to help manage the problem. For example, if your cat is urinating outside of the litter box, an outdoor enclosure can give them a place to go, so they don’t have to use your house as their restroom. This will help keep your house clean and free of cat urine odor.

Cat laying at the litter box outdoors.
An outdoor enclosure can give them a place to go, so they don’t have to use your house as their restroom.

An enclosed space outdoors gives your cats an area to separate themselves from other animals in your household to be alone and decompress, which can help address behavioral issues. Getting exercise and spending time in nature also benefits your cat’s mental health, which can curb destructive behaviors.

They’re Great for Cats of Any Age

Whether you have a kitten or an elderly cat, outdoor enclosures provide cats of all ages with the opportunity to explore and play in a safe environment. Kittens especially love to climb and explore, and an outdoor enclosure gives them the perfect place to do so without getting into trouble. 

Older cats can also benefit from having an enclosed space to themselves where they can enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about predator animals or busy roads.

An Outdoor Cat Enclosure Protects Local Wildlife

Not only is it safe for cats to be in an enclosed space outdoor, but other wild animals too. The sharp teeth and razor claws of cats can quickly kill small prey animals. By keeping your cat indoors or in an outdoor enclosure, you can help to protect local wildlife from being killed by domestic cats.

Birds, mice, rats, squirrels, and bats are at risk when you leave your cats to roam around, as your cat will kill and bring you these birds and wildlife as offerings. Cats are predators, so there’s no way you can stop them from killing birds or rodents. However, you can provide a place that can keep your cat contained, like an outdoor enclosure.

Four cats on a outdoor enclosure.
By keeping your cat indoors or in an outdoor enclosure, you can help to protect local wildlife from being killed by domestic cats.

Don’t forget to add a bird feeder nearby if your cat enjoys watching wildlife from its enclosure. This will allow your cat to watch its favorite prey without any risk.

Can Help Improve Relationships with Neighbors

If your cat likes to roam around and you live in a neighborhood, chances are your cat has gotten into a fight or two with other cats in the area. This can lead to bad blood between you and your neighbors, as they might think that your cat is a danger to their own pets.

An outdoor enclosure can help keep your cat away from other neighborhood cats, preventing any future altercations. This can go a long way in keeping the peace with your neighbors and ensuring that everyone is happy.

Provide a Fun Bonding Experience for You and Your Cat 

If you have an indoor cat, chances are they don’t get a lot of opportunities to explore the great outdoors. An outdoor enclosure can give them the chance to do just that while also providing you with a fun bonding experience.

You can spend time together in the enclosure, playing with your cat or just watching them enjoy themselves. This is a great way to connect with your feline friend and create lasting memories together. 

Enclosures Can House Cat-Friendly Herbs And Plants

If you’ve been wanting to create a cat-friendly garden, an enclosure is a perfect place to do it. You can fill the space with catnip, lavender, and other herbs that your feline friend will love. Not only will they have a blast exploring their new space, but they’ll also benefit from the aromatic plants.

Space For Litter Training

If you’re having trouble litter training your cat, an enclosure can give them the space they need to get used to using the litter box. By confining them to a small space, they’ll be more likely to use the litter box and less likely to make a mess elsewhere.

Cat tongue out.
You can fill the space with catnip, lavender, and other herbs that your feline friend will love.

Reduce Personality Problems in a Multi-Cat Home

Cats are solitary hunters and territorial by nature. While your cat may learn to share indoor space with another cat, they’ll still love to enjoy it sometimes to themselves. An enclosure may help reduce conflicts and provide a place for your cat to escape when they need some alone time. 

You can also have two separate enclosures if your two feline friends are having a hard time getting along. If you’ve got an adventurous cat, an enclosure can also prevent them from getting into mischief or getting lost outdoors. It’s important to create a safe space for your cats so they can stay happy and healthy.

Enclosures Can Provide Mental Stimulation for Your Cats

If your cats are indoors most of the time, an enclosure can provide them with much-needed mental stimulation. It can also give them a place to explore and play without getting into trouble. A well-designed enclosure can keep your cats happy and healthy, and it can also be a great way to keep an eye on them when you can’t be there. 

Cat stretching at the outdoors enclosure.
Outdoor enclosure can give them a place to explore and play without getting into trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do cats love outdoor enclosures?

Yes, cat loves outdoor enclosures because it allows them to explore and play without getting into trouble. It also provides them with mental stimulation.

What are some things to consider when building an outdoor enclosure for cats?

When building an outdoor enclosure for your cats, you’ll want to consider the size of the enclosure, the type of material you’ll use to build it, and the location. You’ll also want to make sure the enclosure is safe and secure, with no sharp edges or exposed wires.

Final Thought

When it comes to our feline friends, it’s important to contain them so that they don’t roam free and get lost, or worse, get hurt. Cats love outdoor enclosures because it keeps them safe and provides the privacy that they very much value. Enclosures will give your cats a sense of security as well as plenty of stimulation and room to explore.

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